Car Parking

Parking in the vicinity of the school is extremely difficult. The Hall is in a residents’ parking zone and few permits are available to parents to enable you to park in residents’ bays to drop off and pick up your sons.  We offer them to families of our youngest boys living in the most inaccessible locations who are prepared to share. It is therefore important that parents consider by what means, other than car, you will transport your sons to and from school.  Options available include the School Bus run, public transport for our older boys and, best of all if you can possibly do it, walking your sons to School.  If you have to drive please try to car share and adhere to the ‘unofficial one way system’ down Crossfield Road from Lancaster Grove/Adamson Road to
Eton Avenue in an attempt to reduce congestion.

The London Borough of Camden has advised us to publish the following information on our website.

“We wish to inform parents that Camden Council, after a six-month review of its cross-party strategy on the School Run, has agreed to continue with the policy of reducing dispensation permits for car parking in residential areas in the Borough.  Camden will enforce this parking policy.  Pay and Display bays may be available in the school vicinity, but there are very few of them.  You may therefore be interested to enquire about your school travel plan, which gives advice and support on travelling to school in a more environmentally sustainable way.”

The School Travel Plan