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Maths Investigative Event with Brookfield Primary School

We were delighted to to host a Maths Investigative Event on 10th February in the Wathen Hall. Following an end-of-term ‘Fun Lunch’ to maximise everyone’s brain power, eight boys from Year 6 and eight boys from Year 5 partnered (in teams of 4) with a Year 5 and a Year 6 child from Brookfield Primary School in Highgate to do a series of Maths investigations. Boys learned some Maths, met other children of their age learning Maths, collaborated well and had fun ALL at the same time! Huge thanks go to The Hall Maths Department and Mr Howes from Brookfield for organising such an enjoyable afternoon.

February 2017 

Jazz at The Forge!

Parents and staff were treated to a dazzling array of sound and colour at The Forge just before half term. Performances included several inspirational numbers from our highly acclaimed Jazz staff members as well as pieces from our four Jazz Bands, two Percussion Groups and our Saxophone Ensemble.

The evening was a fabulous opportunity for The Hall school community to get together at an award winning music and arts venue, reflecting the diversity of London’s (and The Hall’s) eclectic music scene.

February 2017

A Week at The Hall; 23rd-27th January 2017

What a week! Jam-packed with action and opportunity to take everyone’s mind off the horrible weather…

Evensong at St. Paul’s on Monday provided a moment of tranquility at the start of a hectic week.  The service was led beautifully by boys of the Hall’s Chapel Choir, who took time at the end to reflect upon the beauty of the historic surroundings.

On Wednesday the U12s rugby against Arnold House had to be cancelled due to waterlogged pitches but the U13’s game was re-arranged to Allianz Park – what an opportunity, although there were some tired legs at the end from all the running around on a full-sized pitch!  There were also an enjoyable set of Hockey fixtures against Westminster Under at Wilf Slack that afternoon.

Despite being one of the coldest and foggiest days of the year, Thursday saw a Year 3 History trip head off to Duxford Imperial War Museum, whilst Senior School boys in the Technology Enrichment group enjoyed an eye-opening day at the BETT show!

To complete the busy week, at lunchtime on Friday Mrs Casey and her team wowed us all with an amazing feast, in celebration of Chinese New Year.  As they grappled with their chopsticks, boys were entertained by Chinese opera singers, mask dancers and musicians playing authentic Chinese instruments.

January 2017

Lecture@The Hall – The making of Jungle Book & the future of digital VFX & VR 

We were delighted to welcome Mark Benson, the CEO of the Moving Picture Company (MPC) to talk about the making of the most recent Jungle Book film. Mark described how, before a single frame was shot, each scene was meticulously prepared, camera moves designed, animal co-stars roughly animated, detailed lighting plans made, and models of terrain and trees arranged into technical plans.  MPC’s visual effects team developed characters, worked out just how they would talk, and began crafting the movies full CG environments to bring the film’s most iconic characters to life.  For each shot and each movement, animation artists followed extensive research in animal behaviour, so that even the subtlest behavioral traits would translate into performances the audience would recognise from reality.  They used finely-tuned animation tools to animate by hand all the jungle animals, ranging from the kings of the jungle to the smallest of insects.  Contributing to 80% of the frame 100% of the time, the jungle itself is the single biggest creation in the movie – Mark described how more than 100,000 photographs of real locations in the Indian jungle were used to build each scene, animators handcrafting each plant and vine, river, mudslide and grass stalk blowing in the wind. The audience of boys and adults could not fail to be impressed by the sheer believability of the results – what an amazing feat!

January 2017

Hall Boys Hit the Slopes at Hemel

A mix of boys from the Junior School, Middle and Senior School thoroughly enjoyed the first of two training sessions this term at Hemel Snow Centre on the afternoon of Monday 16th January.  The older boys proved exceptionally fine role models for their younger peers and several spectators commented specifically on the way our squad “looked out” for each other whenever someone took a tumble or had a problem with their equipment.
After a full two hours of coaching on the slopes improvements in technique and speed were very noticeable. I suspect that parents and older siblings may find they are given a “run for their money ” on the pistes during the forthcoming February half term and Easter vacations……  Madame Davies

January 2017

New Year. New Sports.
It may be the coldest, wettest, darkest term of the school year, but nothing can dampen the spirits of The Hall School Games Department and the boys hardly seem to have noticed the freezing temperatures as they gear up for a hectic term of hockey and rugby!

For the first time Year 5 have had the option of Hockey, as well as Rugby, something which Year 6-8 have enjoyed for many years. The Year 5s have not played any fixtures yet, but Year 4 began their Rugby season with an ALL PLAY fixture against Arnold House, and their performances suggested plenty of potential for a great season. Elsewhere, the Year 6’s and U13’s played against Orley Farm, with two teams travelling away and two playing at home. All but one of the teams were victorious, with the U13B’s going down to a last minute try after a thrilling game that ended 35-30.  Chris MacFarlane

January 2017

Aryaman’s Charity Challenge
Aryaman Varma (6H) managed to raise £75 for charity by organising a ‘bottle flipping’ charity challenge. The event was attended and enjoyed by many Senior School boys, and all the money went to Planting Promise.

January 2017

The History Boys
Last week, around 35 boys took part in the first round of the annual Townsend Warner History Competition.  The boys had to answer a series of questions designed to investigate their knowledge across a variety of historical areas ranging from battles to assassinations, to literature. The papers have been whisked off for marking and results will be announced later in the term, as to who has made it through to the second round…  Mr Gordon has high hopes for The Hall’s chances!

January 2017

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