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Junior School Art Exhibition 2017

There were some stunning pieces on view at the Junior School Art and Ceramics Exhibition last week, enjoyed by boys, parents and friends alike.

JS Poetry competition 2017

For Summer Poetry Week we all learnt a poem to perform to our class. We had to think about how to show the rhythm of the poem and try to remember all the lines! Boys were chosen from each class to compete in the hall to be judged by Mr Dobbin from the Senior School. Everyone was very brave and did so well – congratulations to all the winners!

Success at the Bedford Sixes!

For the first time The Hall took part in the Bedford Sixes at the weekend and what a debut it proved to be as the Under 11 squad achieved a splendid victory in the 12 team competition. After emerging as convincing group winners which included victories over Bedford Prep and Bedfordshire, a place in the final was secured with a commanding victory over a Northants county side. The final against Aldwickbury was a very tense affair with high quality batting and bowling from both teams. Set a total of 51 by Aldwickbury from their 5 overs, The Hall kept in line with the required run rate despite losing two wickets. With ten required off the last over, the gme came down to the last ball of the match with one run required for a victory. Rory Walter who had batted with great authority all day finished  the innings in style with a very neatly taken single to bring about an unexpected but hugely impressive victory.  It was great team performance and a splendid day was enjoyed by all.  Chris Godwin

June 2017

The Hall Ladies Triathlon Team Success!

After months of fierce training, braving icy temperatures in open water, puffing up hills on the bikes and hitting all-out sprints on land, Sunday 4th June, the date of the Blenheim Palace Triathlon finally arrived!  A team of 20 Hall mums and teachers, most of whom were first time triathletes, joined together for the big challenge, many facing personal fears and ‘digging deep’ to take part.

The skies were rather threatening in the morning but as the ladies gathered for the 12.20pm ‘wave’ into the lake, everyone was happy to learn that the water temperature had reached 20 degrees – almost pleasant in comparison to those Winter dips in The Ponds at Hampstead!  It was a little windy on the latter part of the cycle stage but calmer for the run – by which time everyone was really into their stride and enjoying themselves!

Huge thanks to everyone who came along to cheer on the Triathletes and those Hall boys taking part in the Duathon in the afternoon, and for the tremendous generosity shown by friends and families supporting the fundraising efforts for The Unicorn Theatre’s outreach programmes.  The Tri Team have raised a confirmed £13,000 and feel that their overall target of £15,000 is just a whisker away!  If you would still like to donate, please go to the Just Giving page at:-  https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Catrina-Holme

June 2017

Junior School Summer Fete

As temperatures rose to over 28 degrees, the Junior School boys, teachers and parents set up their stalls for the long-awaited Fete!  The excitement mounted as mouth-watering cakes were laid out, Guess-the-Teacher baby photos were pinned up, hook-the-ducks were floated and bite-the-doughnuts were dangled! Many thanks to all who supported the event, proceeds of which will go towards the Unicorn Theatre’s outreach work.

May 2017

Summer Gala Concert

What a delight to go back to SJSS for a thrilling concert involving over 200 Hall boys from Year 2 to Year 8s!  The boys, looking very professional in their concert attire, played to a hall packed with parents, grandparents and friends. We were treated to a programme ranging from A Drunken Sailor Reel by the Junior School Orchestra, to a Haydn Rondo played by the Hay String Quartet, from Mr Sandman by the Barbershop Ensemble to Bach’s ‘Sheep may safely graze’ from the Symphony Orchestra.  At times the applause was rapturous!

We send special congratulations to the six Year 8 boys leaving The Hall this summer with Music Scholarships.  Huge thanks to Dr Steyn and all the Music Department teachers for such a splendid musical finale to the academic year and ‘fond farewell’ to Milly Polasek, Andy McDonald, Janna Huneke, Christina McMaster and Luisa Rosina after so many years of inspiration and guidance.

May 2017

Visit to Neasden Temple 

On the 23rd May Y5 went to Neasden Temple otherwise known as BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir. We learnt many things like that the temple is dedicated to a man called Pramukh Swami Maharaj. The temple was so intricately carved. It was mind boggling! It is amazing how all of the carvings had been completed by just 1500 people India and then shipped all the way to London. An excellent eye opening visit!  Alexandre Pelling

May 2017

Augmented Reality Creations

Year 5s spent weeks this term developing their Augmented Reality books which they were delighted to share with the Year 1s who popped over from the Junior School.

May 2017

Reception Boys’ Fun Run

What amazing energy the Reception boys and their teachers displayed in running tens of times around the adult-sized running track at the Wilf Slack playing fields in their recent fundraising efforts!  It was a warm sunny morning and so the boys made sure they drank lots of water as they went – and some of the parents were cajoled into joining in for a couple of laps too.  Over a thousand pounds was raised during the morning for The Unicorn Theatre, one of The Hall’s ‘Charities of the Year’!

May 2017

Visit to Regent’s Park Islamic Cultural Centre 

In late May Y6 went to Regent’s Park Mosque. After a walk in the sun, Y6 did a sketch of the beautiful mosque. Naturally we started our drawings with the crescent moon and star, the sign of Islam that lay atop the mosque.

Then we went inside the mosque we saw the architect Sir Frederick Gibberd’s dream as a reality. After an interesting talk on Islamic faith and its nature we went into a room for teaching Islam, it had Islamic teachings in every corner and every wall. We noted down as many facts as we could. We were almost overwhelmed with teachings about ways of Islamic life, including Allah’s 201 names (including Allah) and how Islam came to be. We think it can truly be said that everyone, one way or another, knew a lot more about Islam after they came out than before we went in.  Joshua Abrams

May 2017

Junior School Green Team

Years 1 and 2 collaborated with the girls of Sarum Hall recently, and spent an energetic afternoon learning about how to keep healthy!

May 2017

Ski Squad Update

Recent successes and exploits at Hemel Snow Centre  include a first place for the Hall A Team, captained by Freddie Robertson, in the ISA Open Event on April 24th with the B Team hot on their heels in third place. Individual medals were won by Freddie Robertson, Zach Tydeman and Xander Szerkowski.

Back at Hemel this week for the SATIPSKI indoor Prep School Championships we were not to be so lucky although both our U11 and U14 teams skied with real determination and plenty of that all important team spirit!  Catherine Davies

May 2017

All About Me  

Years 4-6 were treated to another Life Skills Conference Morning, on Wednesday 3rd May.  The topic was identity, and the boys enjoyed seminars with Three Faiths Forum as well as delivering their own presentations entitled ‘All About Me’. The boys all worked really hard to learn more about their family heritage, and then delivered their presentations to their class,

May 2017

Geography Day

Junior School boys were learning about “World Habitats” on Geography Day in late April – finding out about all sorts of habitats, from deep within the soil to deep within the ocean.  The Senior School Geography Ambassadors came over to the Junior School to introduce the theme and then everyone enjoyed a range of hands-on tasks, exploring the flower beds and examining the clouds, making wormeries and even some ‘blubber gloves’ to understand how some mammals insulate themselves in the cold!

April 2017

Ski Squad News

Congratulations to The Hall Ski Squad A Team, who came first in the Open Junior event at the ISA indoor Ski Racing Championships on 24th April!

April 2017

Medieval Weapons Day

Pike practice, quintain training and jousting were the order of the day up at the Wilf Slack playing fields last week, when the Year 7 boys learned all about medieval weaponry and armour.  Not a horse in sight, but lots of colourful bouncy hoppers did the job!

April 2017

Salters’ Chemistry Festival

On 28th April Luca, Joe, Victor, and I went to the Salters’ Chemistry Festival at UCL. During the day we did two challenges. One involved chromatography and testing white powders. The other involved controlled reactions. These both took place in a huge science lab, which apparently fits 160 people. For an hour we tested ink and powder, but it bore results. The second challenge was also quite interesting. We had to get acid and sodium to react in exactly a minute. A judge would time the reaction. Getting the right proportion of acid to sodium proved to be tricky at first, but soon we got the hang of it.

Finally there was a lecture about states of matter. It covered dry ice, and various interesting and fun reactions, and finally, nitrogen ice cream; we all got to try some and I think we all enjoyed it a lot!

Although we didn’t win any prizes, we all certainly had a lot of fun!  Mark Morris

April 2017

The Big Sing 2017

The focus this year for our collaborative singing venture across the school was ‘The Battle of the Houses”!  Four music captains were appointed to lead their houses in the competition.

Purple House was led by Finn Lavington with ‘We will Rock You’ as their chosen song. Danny Shai led Orange House with ‘Wake me Up’ by Avicii while William Mullan chose ‘I wish I knew how it would feel to be free’ for Green House. Last but not least, Blue House was directed by Yonni Kobrin with the famous Friends theme tune ‘I’ll be there for you’.

The evening was stylishly compered by Mishal Husain and adjudicated by Will Bersey, Director of Music at Kings’ School Canterbury. The Hall School Festival Big Band included seven of our Music staff members who inspired their audience with their impressive performances throughout the evening. Congratulations to Blue House for the best rendition of Let it Be and finally to Green House who were crowned best overall House and the proud winners of the spectacular House Singing Competition Trophy!  Willem Steyn

March 2017

Brookfield School Science Collaboration

On the last Friday of the Spring term a hand-picked team of Year 8 Hall boys led some hands-on science activities in the Hall’s science labs for sixty Year 6 children from our partnership primary school, Brookfield.

“The first event was the Bunsen burner license test; in this the Brookfield children had to show what they had learnt from our Year 8s’ demonstration.  They had not only to switch on the burner but also to burn a piece of cardboard on both the safety and working flames. Then, came the dreaded writing part of the test, were they had to apply the knowledge they had obtained from the practical to label all the parts of the bunsen burner. However before the Brookfield Year 6s could get their bunsen burner licences, they watched a practical in which five different metals were burnt, displaying different colours: calcium (orange), barium (ghostly green), copper (ghostly green), sodium (yellow) and lithium (red). After the tests the Year 6s finally got their Bunsen burner licences.

The second event was the circuits event, in this the Year 6s had to learn the symbols of five different components in a circuit: a switch, a cell, a battery, a lamp and a ammeter. Then they built circuits to do a experiment seeing how bright one, two or three bulbs were with one, two or three cells. Then they learnt about ammeters and what they do and how they do it. Next they learnt about the differences between the two types of circuit; series and parallel. Then finally with what they had learnt they had to draw a circuit diagram of a series circuit.

The final session was about the circulatory system.  This started with the Hall Year 8s doing a rap on the circulatory system which introduced the Year 6s to the importance of the circulatory system. They then learnt about all the keywords, including all the veins and arteries. They all had a go at measuring their pulses. Continuing they reached the main part of the circulatory system: the dissection of a sheep’s heart! After having kitted up with gloves and scalpels, the Year 6s proceeded to cut open the heart and started to identify all the key parts they had learnt. Some children were anxious but most overcame their fears and joined in cutting open the heart and putting their fingers through the aorta. Then they got some sheeps’ lungs and saw how they inflated like a balloon when pumped up.

Finally they did a short test based on what they had learnt from the activities – all of the groups got good marks with two getting a hundred percent! It had been a great afternoon with everyone learning loads of science.”  Benedict Johnson 

March 2017


On the Monday 13th March, 2017 year 4 did a workshop called Mexicolore which was about the origins of Mexico. We mainly focused on the Mayans and the Aztecs. A person called Joanna and her grandfather showed us a copy of the sunstone. The sunstone is a calendar that the Mayans and Aztecs created. It shows the fate of the five eras. The first world was destroyed by monsters that devoured all of humanity. The second world was destroyed by huge hurricanes. The third world was destroyed by a rain of fire from volcanoes. The fourth world was destroyed by an enormous flood. And the fifth world which is our world and the last world is predicted to be destroyed by an earthquake.

We did a chant ce, ome, yei, nahui, which are the first four numbers in the language the Aztecs use. We also learnt that chocolate originates from Mesoamerica. They would make a drink from cocoa beans. Cocoa beans made you rich in those times. The people would capture warriors, give them whatever they wanted, then sacrificed them. The oldest ball game actually originated in ancient Mexico. They would use a rubber ball and were not allowed to use their head, arms, legs and could only use there tummy. They had to get the ball to the other end to score and get the ball through a 50 metre high hoop to win.  Arya Kadiwar

March 2017

MS / SS Science Week

Science Week in mid March began with fireworks in assembly! The Year 4’s went to London Zoo to learn about zoology and habitats, while the Year 5s mastered some physics in designing their own working catapults! The Year 6 and 7s produced a range of amazing presentations and displays around various scientific themes, which they had selected as part of their Open Homework project.

March 2017

UKMT Team Challenge

On 7 March Dr. Essex accompanied Alessandro d’Attanasio (7D), Robert Brettle (8B), Louis Kirkpatrick (8B) and Yonni Kobrin (8B) when they entered the UK Mathematical Trust Team Challenge Regional Finals at the City of London Boys School.  This is a competition for boys and girls including and up to Year 9. Our team from Year 7 and Year 8 worked well together, did some super maths, and had fun! The team achieved 6th position overall – a very good achievement and the highest placed team for children of their age.

March 2017

Public Speaking Competition

There were some impressive performances by boys from Year 4 to Year 8 in this year’s competition, adjudicated by former pupil Lord James Bethell.  The finalists had been selected by their peers and subjects ranged from ‘Why Animals should not be killed for Medical Purposes’ to ‘The ISEB Exam should be Banned’ to ‘ Should Breakfast be made Compulsory?’.  Lord Bethell found the standard so high that it was difficult to select winners for each year group and he praised the effort and originality of all of the performers.  Winners are shown in bold below:-

YEAR FOUR – Gulliver Lewis: Why Animals should not be killed for Medical Purposes; Samuel Linger: I believe Astro-turf is Better than GrassBob Murray: There should be a Bridge between the Middle and Senior Schools

YEAR FIVE – Blake Morris: Peppa Pig Douglas Paisner: Why Zoos should not Exist; George Solti-Dupas: Why Children should have at least an Hour of Sport a Day; Rory Todd: Why Teresa May must be StoppedZach Tydeman: Dinosaurs

YEAR SIX – Toby Gordon-Clarke: The ISEB Exam should be Banned; Andrew Hay: Should Teachers Wear a Uniform?; Darshy Pandy: Reasons not to Eat BeefLucas Payne: End Orca Captivity

YEAR SEVEN – Alex Benson: Walking is Over-rated; James Crossley: Life as a Twin; Gerald Kavanagh-Legge: Why I am lucky not to have a Sibling; Jamie Neale: If I Ruled the WorldIshaan Sheridan: An Isolated Generation

YEAR EIGHT and SINCLAIR CUP – Gabriel Basden: Why Trump should not be President; Zubin Cramsie: Genetics; Stuart Hay: Should Breakfast be made Compulsory?; Benedict Johnson: TRex is not the only DinosaurLeo Odgers: Apocalypse Now; William Shackleton: Family Picnics

February 2017

Fuze Workshop

“We programmed the computer to write small words in colourful colours. We used words like Loop, repeat, print, colour, random and numbers.” Ahaan Gupta & Nicholas Flax

” The Fuze workshops taught children to learn about code in an exciting way.” Albert Sparks

“We made the computer turn the light on and off by using a repeat loop. I really enjoyed it because we learned how to make the computer wait a few seconds before it turned the light back on. ” Zac Oudkerk

In the Fuze workshop we used robotic arms and played with the computer to make words appear. We asked the robotic arm to pick up Jenga and turn on the light. We also made words appear on the screen. We put the words in different colours and font size. It was really good. My favourite part was the robotic arm. Arthur Chacksfield

In the Fuze workshop we used a special keypad to make different things appear on the screen. Then we used the computer to make the robotic arm pick up the Jenga blocks and put them in different places. Rayansh Kaul

February 2017

General Knowledge Quiz Club Heats

When the quiz began, UCS 1 made good headway, scoring many points for the first ten questions. At number 12, UCS 1 lost the whole question and Hall 1 took the place as the leader. This was all good for another 10 questions but at the next we slipped and Keble 1 and UCS 1 overtook us. We were third and we needed both teams to slip up. Unfortunately, none of them did slip. At the last question we had pretty much lost all hope. This was our last chance and we needed both teams to slip.  Where is the ozone layer located? The stratosphere of course, but neither UCS nor Keble got it right. We did. We were the champions! Blake Morris 5G

February 2017

Maths Investigative Event with Brookfield Primary School

We were delighted to to host a Maths Investigative Event on 10th February in the Wathen Hall. Following an end-of-term ‘Fun Lunch’ to maximise everyone’s brain power, eight boys from Year 6 and eight boys from Year 5 partnered (in teams of 4) with a Year 5 and a Year 6 child from Brookfield Primary School in Highgate to do a series of Maths investigations. Boys learned some Maths, met other children of their age learning Maths, collaborated well and had fun ALL at the same time! Huge thanks go to The Hall Maths Department and Mr Howes from Brookfield for organising such an enjoyable afternoon.

February 2017 


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