Links with other schools

The Hall is committed to developing partnerships with local primary schools.  Through the building of relationships with the Head Teacher, the Senior Leadership Team, teachers and in some cases parents within two partnership primary schools, Richard Cobden Primary School in Camden and St. Saviour’s Church of England Primary School in Westminster, it is intended that a range of appropriate provision can be efficiently shared to the benefit of all concerned.

  • offering bursaries; working with local primary schools to provide bursaries to children from families that cannot afford to pay for the child’s education
  • sharing educational facilities (eg. Wilf Slack sports facilities, arts and pottery, music and concert facilities)
  • sharing certain curriculum subject lessons or other educational events such as workshops and masterclasses (eg. music and art projects)
  • formalising ways of sharing knowledge, skills, expertise and experience with teachers in partnership primary schools, to provide more informal educational experiences in the form of clubs and activities for G&T children in both schools (eg. Science Club, Enrichment Maths Club, Choir)
  • sponsoring summer holiday enrichment camps with partnership schools
  • having an arrangement with a grant providing body to stream funding for specific educational purposes (eg. for music lessons)
  • formally seconding Hall School teaching staff to local primary schools in specialist subjects (eg. modern languages)
  • through sponsorship of an Actor in Residence from a local drama college, hosting and leading drama competitions and productions in conjunction with partnership local primary schools