The learning of mathematics takes a key role in the curriculum for the boys at The Hall.  It is our aim that boys: 

  • Feel confident and fluent with numeracy skills
    Learn to present working clearly using mathematical notation
  • Become independent problem solvers
  • Develop a logical approach towards thinking
  • Enjoy the diverse applications of mathematics across the subject range and from different cultures
  • Feel fully equipped to be mathematically successful during their time at the school and beyond

All the teachers of mathematics strive to support each child in understanding the challenges set, building up an appropriate knowledge base and to learn at their optimum level to fulfil their potential. Boys are encouraged to keep their mental arithmetic skills sharp and to learn their tables – to this end, a ‘little and often’ approach is encouraged at home as well as in school. 

In the Junior School the emphasis is on developing confidence in numeracy skills.  The curriculum introduces the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and also covers shape, space, measures and handling data.  The mathematics is taught by form teachers who encourage mental arithmetic methods and the use of practical equipment to explain concepts.  They use games and puzzles and exploit links with other subjects. In Year 4 the four operations are consolidated and extended.  This is enriched by developing topics within shape, space, measures and handling data.  The boys are also encouraged to extend their problem solving skills. In Year 5, as with previous year groups, there is consolidation and extension of the skills learnt, however, the emphasis starts to shift towards the rigorous written methods that are required in tests.  Focus is also put on developing mental arithmetic skills and problem solving.  In Years 6 to 8 we continue to support individual learning and aim to foster an enjoyment in the subject.  To that end, boys learn to work mentally and to solve problems where it is appropriate to use a calculator. All boys enter the UK Mathematics Challenge.