Progress and Reporting

Here at The Hall we recognise how important the role is that parents play in helping their sons to make strong, consistent academic progress. We keep parents and boys up to date with the progress they are making through a cycle of regular parents’ evenings and from the production of reports on progress and achievement throughout each term and at the end of the academic year.

We use a range of activities to help us consider the progress the boys at The Hall are making:

  • Teachers keep close, up to date records of the marked work boys produce in lessons and at home.
  • Teachers also keep, and discuss, marks and scores from the various assessments we create to test how much progress our boys are making.
  • We also administer a range of assessments to help us stay informed about the boys’ developing reasoning abilities in relation to national levels.
  • We also test them against much of what we know is happening in the state maintained sector, for the sake of comparison and best practice, as well as enabling us to form a view of how we think our boys are faring in national terms.

The academic data we gather is one trickle feeding into a much bigger stream. The most important understanding we can get about our boys’ progress however is from what we see of how they think, work and learn in every lesson, every day. A great deal of progress is captured from teacher initiated on-going assessment. We always consider the personal, social and emotional characteristics of each boy we teach. We look at the individual child and make intelligent decisions about how well he is fulfilling his potential from every angle possible.