Space to Soar

Exceptional learning – Distinctive Lives

All our developments are planned with a view to creating the right environment to support the exceptional education we provide for our boys here at The Hall.

In November 2016 we applied for planning permission for the most dramatic transformation of the facilities in the senior school since the devastating fire of 1982. The proposal is to replace the existing Centenary building with a completely new construction which will link into the original and historic school.

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The plan is born out of our vision for teaching and learning at the school over the next 20 years. We are renowned at The Hall for producing boys with exceptional cultural, musical, sporting and social achievements who go on to lead distinctive lives. Most importantly, our education is focused on guiding pupils towards the very best learning practices – teaching our pupils how to learn. Modern technology and teaching practices have revolutionised the way children do this.

It is now time to revolutionise our school environment and facilities to support our pupils and staff and ensure that we can continue to provide exceptional learning for the future.

Room to Breathe – Space to Soar

The Hall remains one of the few independent preparatory schools in London. We have been able to keep a step ahead of other similar schools and retain our focus on the individual child as a result of this independence. But it does mean that we cannot rely on the financial support of a senior school, a large organisation or indeed an established endowment for a project of this sort.

That is why we need your help.

The investment for the project is around £14 million. The funding will come from a combination of three sources; revenues and accumulated reserves, loan financing and philanthropic support. We need to raise at least £4 million from our community to be able to go ahead with the development.

You can  find out more about our plans to provide Room to breathe and Space to Soar by downloading our Case for support The Hall  and if you think you can help, please do contact development@hallschool.co.uk

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