The Annual Campaign

Each year, as the year 8 pupils come to the end of their time at the school, we invite their parents to consider donating the remaining balance of their £1000 registration deposit as a leaving gift to The Hall. The names of all the boys who join the Annual Campaign will be added to a border made up of Hall School emblems on the glass walls of the new development.


Since the start of this programme in 2015, our parents have been extremely generous and over £110,000 has been raised in this way making a substantial contribution to our bursary and development funds.

Thank you to all those who have supported The Hall and made such a generous gift to the school as their son has left:

 2017 Leavers 2016 Leavers 2015 Leavers
Dr & Mrs G Polychronopoulos Mr & Mrs A De Mol Van Otterloo Mr & Mrs A Anderson-Shah Mr & Mrs A Kobrin Mr & Mrs A Fobel Mr & Mrs S Bell Mr & Mrs D Oudkerk Mr & Mrs C Vlasto Mr & Mrs M Bloch Mr & Mrs F Garzarelli Mr & Mrs E Acaroglu Mr & Mrs M Buckley Mr & Mrs H Klein Wassink Mr & Mrs G Logan Mr & Mrs T Daniel Mr & Mrs J Jensen Mr & Mrs H Goldberg Mr & Mrs N Dhaliwal Mr & Mrs J Shackleton Mr & Mrs J Singh Mr & Mrs S Ghaffar Mr & Mrs N C Ratiu Mr & Mrs M Bloch Mr & Mrs D Horvat Mr & Mrs O Brettle Mr & Mrs M Potel Mr & Mrs J Ioannou Mr & Mrs S Kurgan Mr & Mrs M Poulard Mr & Mrs J Jensen Mr L Bergman & Ms D Lehane Mr & Mrs N Tangen Mr & Mrs S Kurgan Mr N Basden & Ms V Hunt Mr & Mrs P Procopis Mr & Mrs N Makris Mr R Saunders & Ms J Henderson Mr & Mrs R Lister Mr & Mrs A May Mr S Cramsie & Professor J Rahi Mr & Mrs S Gutsev Mr & Mrs G Mulvin Mr Shai & Mrs J Bayliss-Shai Mr & Mrs S Lovell Mr & Mrs L Mutkin Mr & Mrs S McDermid Dr & Mrs G Polychronopoulos Mr & Mrs T Jones Mr & Mrs J Rothschild Mr J Claydon & Ms A Woolf Mr & Mrs R Turnill Mr M Kachingwe & Ms B Storch Mr & Mrs S Zimdahl Mr P Guano & Ms L Dent Mr T Allan & Mrs C Scott Mr Z Sun & Ms Y Cui Mr& Mrs R Halford-Harrison