The Leavers’ Campaign

Each year, as the year 8 pupils come to the end of their time at the school, we invite their parents to consider donating the remaining balance of their £1000 registration deposit as a leaving gift to The Hall.

Since the start of this programme in 2015, our parents have been extremely generous and over £50,000 has been raised in this way making a substantial contribution to our bursary and development funds.

Thank you to all those who have supported The Hall and made such a generous gift to the school as their son has left:

2016 Leavers 2015 Leavers
Mr & Mrs A De Mol Van Otterloo Mr & Mrs A Anderson-Shah
Mr & Mrs A Fobel Mr & Mrs S Bell
Mr & Mrs C Vlasto Mr & Mrs M Bloch
Mr & Mrs E Acaroglu Mr & Mrs M Buckley
Mr & Mrs G Logan Mr & Mrs T Daniel
Mr & Mrs H Goldberg Mr & Mrs N Dhaliwal
Mr & Mrs J Singh Mr & Mrs S Ghaffar
Mr & Mrs M Bloch Mr & Mrs D Horvat
Mr & Mrs M Potel Mr & Mrs J Ioannou
Mr & Mrs M Poulard Mr & Mrs J Jensen
Mr & Mrs N Tangen Mr & Mrs S Kurgan
Mr & Mrs P Procopis Mr & Mrs N Makris
Mr & Mrs R Lister Mr & Mrs A May
Mr & Mrs S Gutsev Mr & Mrs G Mulvin
Mr & Mrs S Lovell Mr & Mrs L Mutkin
Mr & Mrs S McDermid Dr & Mrs G Polychronopoulos
Mr & Mrs T Jones Mr & Mrs J Rothschild
Mr J Claydon & Ms A Woolf Mr & Mrs R Turnill
Mr M Kachingwe & Ms B Storch Mr & Mrs S Zimdahl
Mr P Guano & Ms L Dent
Mr T Allan & Mrs C Scott
Mr Z Sun & Ms Y Cui
Mr& Mrs R Halford-Harrison