Our current school uniform provider is ‘Uniform4Kids’

Address: 1103/05 Finchley Road Temple Fortune London NW11 0QB
Tel: 020 8209 0999

Visit the Uniform4Kids website

Announcement regarding changes to uniform:

In recent months there has been a review of the school uniform in the Middle School and Senior School.  As a result of the review a few changes to the Games/PE kit have been made with the intention that all kit is standardised by September 2015.  Although the new items will be available for the start of the Autumn Term,   current items of kit may still be worn over the next academic year

The new items are:  Tracksuit,  Rugby Shirt (black rugby shirt with a black collar and pink reversible band),  PE Polo Shirt (polo shirt with a house colour trim) and School Coat (from September 2015 we would want all boys to be wearing this if they need to wear a coat to school).

Hall School cricket kit will be the same kit worn from Year 3 to Year 8. The uniform includes cricket trousers, a shirt and a vest top along with an option of a cap. Predominantly white trainers should be worn. Boys in Year 3 and 4 do not need any cricket equipment and will play softball cricket only.

UNIFORM 2014-2015

Please note that all items are available from our official outfitters Uniform4Kids and those items marked * are ONLY available from them.


Black Shoes

*Long School socks (Winter Term)

Grey ankle socks (Summer Term)

Grey shorts

†Grey long trousers (optional, for cold weather)

Grey shirts

Grey cellular shirts (Summer Term)

*Plain black/grey coat

*School tie

*School pullover

†*School blazer

†*School cap

†*School scarf

†*Art overall



*School tracksuit

Black gym shorts

*White gym T-shirt with logo

Trainers for P.E. (plain black or white)

*Black shoe bag


For Year 3 only

*Black football shorts

*School football jersey

*School football socks

Football boots

Cricket trousers

Cricket shirt

Cricket vest top

White trainers (for cricket)

White socks (for cricket)



Black shoes

Mid grey trousers

Grey socks

Grey shirts

†Grey cellular shirts (Summer Term)

*School tie

*School pullover

†*School scarf

*Plain black/grey coat

*School kit bag (large)



*Black rugby shorts

White gym shorts

*Polo shirt – house colours: Purple, Amber, Emerald, Royal

*School football jersey

*School football socks

Football boots

Trainers for P.E. (plain black or white)

†Cream cricket shirt

†Cricket trousers (required by team members)

†Cricket boots (required by team members)

Swimming trunks and towel (Year 4 only)

*School tracksuit

Gumshield (for hockey & rugby from Year 5 onwards)


†Optional items

All clothing must be clearly named please