Weekly Clubs

On any given evening, the school is alive with activities involving boys and staff. The programme varies slightly from term to term but there is always a selection of the creative, the sporting, the intellectual and even some which are purely escapist in nature!

The activities may reflect an interest of a member of staff or may be generated as a result of popular demand. The list of proposed activities for any term is communicated to parents at the end of the previous term, so that everyone can see what is available and a degree of planning can take place. Occasionally, a waiting list may have to be formed or a rota organised, depending on the popularity of any one activity. Most activities are run by teaching staff and are free of charge but where they are run by an outside agency, such as Chess Club, there will be a fee payable to the provider.

Activities run from 4.00-5.00pm unless otherwise stated

Middle School boys sign up with Mr Gordon.

Senior School boys sign up on Activities Noticeboard


Autumn Term Activities commence Monday 12 September 2016 


Junior School in the Autumn Term 2016



Chess Year 1

3.45pm -4.45pm
JS Hall
Chess Year 1

Chess Year 2 & 3
Lunchtime:12.30pm – 1.00pm3.30-4.30pm JS Hall
Wednesday Chess Year 2 & 3Cubs (from age 8)

Year 3





3:30 – 4:30pm6.30-8pm
3.30pm – 5.00pm

Collect from Senior  School Hall




JS Hall
Thursday Dramarama
(Open to Years 1 & 2)
3.45-4.30pm JS Hall

There is also an after school club that runs daily until 4.15pm held in Reception class for boys needing to be collected a little later.

If you require any additional information regarding Junior School Clubs, please email the Junior School Matron: j.freshwater@hallschool.co.uk

Junior School Music Lessons (During School time)

If you wish to add your son to the wait list for an instrument then please email Dr Willem Steyn.  The music department’s telephone number is 020 7449 4351.

Please note the following:

Tuesday Year 3 Orchestra: will rehearse from 12.30-1.00pm on Tuesdays under the direction of Hannah Biss and Willem Steyn.

Wednesday Year 2 String Group: will rehearse from 3.00 – 3.30pm on Wednesdays under the direction of Andrew Adams.

Thursday Year 3 choir: will rehearse at 8.10am on Thursday mornings under the direction of Richard Wilkins



Middle and Senior School in the Summer Term 2016

Boys from Years 4-6 are encouraged to take part in at least one activity, up to a maximum of 3 over a week, to help them to round off their day. Middle school boys should sign up with Mr. Gordon please.

Mondays Chess * – Years 4-8 See Mr Millburn-Fryer
Scholarship Greek – Year 8 Dr Wood
Wellbeing (Senior School) – Library, morning break Miss McDevitt
 Supervised Prep (by arrangement)  Dr Blakeman
Tuesdays Drama – Years 5 and 6 Miss Duncan
Media/Coding Club – Years 6, 7 and 8 Mr North
Pottery – Year 4 (8 boys max) Miss Lewis-Williams
Music Theory Club Mr Dean/Dr Steyn -
 Senior Art Club – Years 6-8  Miss Luck
 Snooker Improvers – Years 7/8 (8 boys)  Mr Clarke
 Wednesday Cookery – Year 5 (4.00-5.15) Mr Finn & Lady Silber
Middle School Coding Club Mr North
Wellbeing (Middle School), Library,morning break Lorna McDevitt
Supervised Prep (by arrangement) Dr Blakeman
 Thursday Science Club – Years 4-8 Miss Baschiera; Miss Byrne
DT Club – Years 5-8 Mr Telfer
Geography Ambassadors – Years 7/8 Miss Johnson
 Senior School Rugby Club (after half term)  PE Department
Supervised Prep (by arrangement) Dr Blakeman

Dr Blakeman

*Chargeable activity