6th Form Society

The Society was created by Rev. R.A. Cooper and inaugurated at a meeting in the Billiard Room no less, on 1st February 1957, with 27 boys present.  The then Headmaster declared the following criteria should guide the running of the Society:-

  • The purpose was to bring members of the Sixth Form classes into contact with ‘interesting people and subjects not normally part of the school curriculum’
  • The Society was to meet three times a term, with one meeting occasionally taking the form of a formal debate
  • A senior prefect, normally the Captain of School, should be Chairman

Today the Sixth Form Society continues to thrive, with all boys in Year 8 being involved and the running of the Society’s meetings continuing to be organised by the Chairman and Vice-Chairs. Speakers from all walks of life have spoken to the boys over the years with the latest speaker being Dan Heaf, SVP of Digital Commerce for Burberry and previously Head Digital Officer at BBC Worldwide.