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6th Form Society

6th Form Society

The 6th Form Society in 1990

The Society was created by Rev. R.A. Cooper and inaugurated at a meeting in the Billiard Room no less, on 1st February 1957, with 27 boys present. The then Headmaster declared the following criteria should guide the running of the Society:

• The purpose was to bring members of the Sixth Form classes into contact with ‘interesting people and subjects not normally part of the school curriculum’
• The Society was to meet three times a term, with one meeting occasionally taking the form of a formal debate

Today the Sixth Form Society continues to thrive, with all boys in Year 8 being involved and the running of the Society’s meetings continuing to be organised by a Chairman and Vice-Chairs. Speakers from all walks of life have spoken to the boys over the years – the most recent visitors have included Debra Searle MBE (Solo Atlantic Rower) and Eva Schloss (stepsister of Anne Frank


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