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A History of Giving

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There is an incredibly strong and generous history of giving at The Hall, embodied in a range of actions across the decades, from kind former headmasters pulling in refugee boys ‘off the streets’ of North London to give them a Hall education, to the loan of country homes and estates in the war years for the evacuation of pupils, to financial support for various post-war reconstruction projects between 1945 and 1952.  Later fundraising for building and remodelling projects such as The Wathen Hall and the Centenary Buildings supported the development of specialist physical spaces for the broad and enriching subject provision for which The Hall has become renowned.  In the more recent past, after 24 years’ association with the Hall, Kirsty Anderson, Head of the Junior School, diverted generous parent donations for her leaving gift into a Bursary award, enabling us to support families of modest means whose son might not otherwise be able to enjoy a Hall experience.

Through the decades, the dedication and gratitude of Hall families and alumni for the school has been reflected in countless gifts of time, talent and funds. Our current initiative aims to raise funds for a major re-development of the senior school site, enabling modern and flexible teaching and learning spaces for our older pupils, as well as funding bursary awards for ten talented boys within the school at any one time.  These two strands of our fundraising align in our aim to provide Hall students transformational learning opportunities as they prepare to take flight into their futures.


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