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The Junior School

Kevin D

Kevin Dobson
Head of the Junior School

The Junior School is where your son’s learning journey begins.  Our aim is to build strong foundations and foster a love of learning from the outset.  Our child-centred environment and nurturing approach inspire the boys not only to be independent in their thinking but also in taking risks within their learning, therefore developing into inquisitive boys with a lifelong thirst for learning.

A broad and rich curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of the individual boy so that all are challenged at their own level, whilst being prepared for the next stages of their learning.  We support the boys in embracing a challenge and in understanding that success only comes from endeavour and courage.  From his earliest days with us, boys enjoy specialist teaching in Computing, Science, Music, P.E and French.

Personal Development and Pastoral Care

The Junior School is extremely welcoming, a friendly place where everyone feels part of our family.  We pride ourselves on our levels of Pastoral Care and Personal Development, making sure each boy feels safe and has the tools they need to soar, to become the very best versions of themselves possible.  Small classes of no more than 18 boys ensure individual support through nurturing relationships.

From the very beginning in our Reception classes, the core values of Endeavour, Courage, Community, Humility and Self-Discipline are placed at the centre of everything we do, providing the foundation for behaviour and interaction by boys and all members of the school community.

Holding positions of responsibility enables boys to develop leadership skills; opportunities for this start early in the Junior School, ranging from representing the class on the School Council, being a member of the Green Team or being a Form or House Captain.

Our House system ensures a strong team identity throughout the school, with boys understanding the responsibility of playing their small part in a bigger whole.  Our house point tokens and tubs present a visual indication of how well each house is doing, spurring the boys on to want to do well, promoting endeavour and appropriate behaviour.

Encouraging the boys to develop empathy, kindness and an understanding of how to be a good citizen is pivotal to their personal development.  This is best encapsulated with our ‘Kindness Tree’ where leaves can be earned for demonstrating acts of kindness to other members of the school community.

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