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Physical Education and Games

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At The Hall we aim to provide a challenging, enjoyable and rewarding curriculum that engages all students. We have an ethos that encourages all boys to take part in our extensive and varied Physical Education (PE) and Games provision.

PE & Games lessons not only provide boys with the skills to stay active for life, but also provide opportunities to gain various cross curricular qualities, which also tie into many British values. We see good sportsmanship and respect as a fundamental part of our teaching and one which we carry into our competitive fixture calendar. We seek to explore new ideas and new skills, with the learner at the centre of the lesson, asking boys the find out the answers to develop their curiosity and creative spark. We want the boys to make their own decisions during games and to take pride, at all times, in doing their best in order to improve, whilst aiming to promote a growth mindset from an early age. To be resilient and to show determination are qualities that we think the PE & Games department is instrumental in promoting. We do so in team sports and also during our PE lessons which challenge boys in a variety of ways, creating a culture where we ‘keep going’. Our hope is that this can transcend into their academic life also and that they gain confidence from what they achieve in PE & Games.

In the 2018/19 academic year, we achieved fourteen tournament wins from Year 4 to Year 8, which we are very proud of. Just as pleasing, there are more opportunities than ever for all boys to play in the busy fixture programme. We play all the main team sports along with athletics and tennis in the summer, with choices of squash, golf, climbing, cross country, gymnastics and a circuit-training session during our games afternoons. A variety of racket sports, basketball, fitness, movement and more are taught during morning PE lessons. Complementing the PE & Games department, our extensive After School Club programme allows boys more time to develop their skills in the sport of their choice.


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