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Due to COVID-19 social distancing measures, please note that our Registrar is currently working from home. All enquiries about admissions should be addressed to for the time being, please.  Alternatively please call 07739 061977

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

4+ Play Dates 2021

The Registrar is contacting parents of boys registered for entry to The Hall from September 2021, to advise that the Play Dates for 4+ applicants have been scheduled for a series of days in the first half of the Spring Term 2021.

The play date is very informal and there is no need to prepare anything. We just ask that your son comes with a smile and we are sure he will have a great time with us. As you can imagine, we have put a great deal of thought into how we will be able to run these sessions as safely as possible, within the current government guidance. We are also very mindful that we would like your son to be relaxed so that we can see him at his best on the day!

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, boys are being invited in small groups of 5 with staggered arrival times, for a short play date lasting around 30 minutes. The boys will be socially distanced from each other and Hall teachers, as they spend time playing games and completing several activities in the Junior School hall.

All the staff involved in the Play Dates will be practising social distancing and wearing full face visors. All toys and equipment will be thoroughly sanitised between each use. The Junior School hall is also very well ventilated.

We politely request that parents wear face masks and abide by social distancing guidance when dropping off their son. Parents are welcome to wait at school in our outdoor waiting area but will not be permitted to enter the school buildings.

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