Admissions News

4+ Playdates for entry into Reception 2020

Over January and the first half of February we are welcoming registered boys to visit us for a playdate in the classrooms at 2, Buckland Crescent.  We shall be advising families of offers for 4+ 2020 places into our Reception classes during the afternoon of 14th February.

Change of Admissions Policy effective September 2020

In March 2019, the Governors agreed a new Admissions Policy for entry to The Hall that comes into effect from September 2020 and does away with the former 5+ entry point.  As a result, from September 2020 a third class will be added to our Reception department and each year The Hall will admit approximately 54 boys into the Reception year at 4+.

Places already offered to those families who chose to enter their son into Year 1 in 2020 will be honoured of course.  However, this will be the last cohort to enter directly into Year 1 at The Hall.  By September 2020 the only entry point into The Hall will be at 4+, apart from the occasional places that become available now and again.  March 2019


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