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Admissions Procedure

Admission at 4+

The Hall admits approximately 50 boys into Reception classes only (aged 4+) every September. Assessments for these places are held in the preceding Spring Term.  Please note that there is no other major intake into any year group in the school after Reception.

Due to the high current rate of applications to the school, parents are recommended to register their son as early as possible and are required to do so before his first birthday. First, an online Registration form should be completed and in the acknowledgement letter that you will be emailed by the school, you will be given the school’s bank details for sending a cheque or to make a bank transfer to secure the registration.

The current non-refundable fee that should accompany a Registration for application into Reception at The Hall is £100. Please include a reference to your son’s full name with the transfer (or on the back of the cheque) so that we can match up the completed Registration Form to the payment. Thank you.

We regret that we are unable to accept registrations after the 12 month ‘cut off’ point (from DOB) which we are forced into implementing due to the enormous demand for places.  Much as we would love to keep open the possibility of accepting late registrations, we simply cannot deal with more than 300 applications for 50 places, which is roughly the number of applications we receive with the current restrictions, and therefore we do stick quite strictly to the 12-month rule.

Admission to other years (Years 1 to 7); the Occasional Places Register

Very occasionally, places may arise in Years 1 (5+) to 7 (11+) when a family relocates from London or a boy leaves the school for other reasons.  Only in very exceptional cases will the school consider offering a place in Year 8, since being in the school for just one year is unlikely to give the boy time to settle and prepare adequately for the Common Entrance examinations. 

At the start of September, the beginning of the school year, boys who were assessed for a 4+ place and were not offered a place in Reception, but were placed on the ‘Waiting List’ following assessment, will be automatically moved to the ‘Occasional Places’ register.  The boy’s details will remain on the Occasional Places Register for as long as the family continues to be interested in a place at The Hall. 

Other parents who have missed the ‘window’ of registration (the year from birthdate), yet still desire a place for their son in one of the higher year groups at The Hall, should complete a registration form for the Occasional Places Register, for which there is an administration fee of £50.

The school will endeavour to keep in touch on a regular basis to check that families continue to be interested in a place.  Since the main channels for communication between The Hall and the applicants are by email and telephone, it is very important, please, that prospective parents keep the school abreast of any changes in their contact details through contact with the Registrar (07739 061977) and

Please download Step by Step Guide to Admissions into Reception


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