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The Purpose of The Hall

The purpose of The Hall is to provide high-quality education for boys aged 4 to 13 years. ‘Education’ encompasses providing an environment conducive to sharing and forming knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits through discussion, teaching, training and research activities.

The Hall strives to produce a broad, high calibre education for all its pupils, of whom it has high expectations. It aims to ensure a happy, secure and energetic community in which every individual, child and adult alike, can thrive, and to promote an exciting and stimulating academic environment which will foster a life-long love of learning for every pupil. Boys at The Hall should never be bored! The school prepares boys for their wider life ahead, in terms of their moral and spiritual education and their acquisition of individual passions both inside and outside the academic classroom.

In school and out of school, we want our pupils to develop confidence in themselves as well as a sense of corporate responsibility so that every boy has the self-belief to do well for himself but also to contribute fully at school and in his life ahead to those around him and to wider society. We encourage our pupils to show an awareness of others at the same time as self-discipline for themselves and to show empathy and enjoyment of the diverse cultures and traditions that are represented at The Hall and in the surrounding community and city of which the school is part.


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