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The Art and Ceramics departments provide a safe and open environment enabling boys to feel free to interpret, discover and reflect, expressing their ideas and feelings in unique and positive ways. Pupils are encouraged to work independently, in order to build self-confidence and self-understanding. We have high expectations of all our pupils and we aim to provide tasks and create lessons that challenge, using a variety of stimulating visual aids throughout to inspire interest and encourage learning.

Art is taught by specialist teachers at The Hall School from Year 2 to Year 8. There are three specialist art teaching rooms; the rooms in both the Junior School and Senior School are situated at the top of each building, thus providing a well-lit and relaxed space. Pottery is taught as a specialist subject in Years 3, 5 and 6 and Year 4 boys also have the opportunity to choose it as an extra activity. There is a specialist ceramics room in the senior school, a place where boys use clay in a sculptural and imaginative way, learning how to handbuild, coil, slab and throw on the potter’s wheel.

Art and ceramics are both taught in half classes of nine boys from Year 3 upwards. This enables teachers to give boys the very best individual support and guidance, whilst allowing them the freedom to explore materials and to find their own path and come to their own innovative, individual and creative solutions.

Schemes of work are designed to enrich boys’ knowledge and understanding of art and ceramics; they are encouraged to explore a variety of themes, both ancient and contemporary, sculptural and functional. Projects are designed with flexibility and bear a direct relation to the boys in the group; planning is extended to tailor to different group abilities, dynamics and to incorporate current exhibitions and events. Boys regularly visit exhibitions and take part in a number of workshops with visiting artists each year. A variety of cultures and practices are encompassed, thereby enriching the cultural experiences of pupils by encouraging an appreciation of others’ views and perspectives of the world.

Time is devoted within each scheme to allow for discussion, reflection, and peer and self- assessment. We also ensure that pupils acquire the appropriate vocabulary to discuss and express ideas openly and inquisitively. Boys’ achievement in art is celebrated through many initiatives, competitions and through our annual summer art exhibition. Many such celebrations are visually documented in the ‘photos’ section of the website.

Though it has been a strange Summer Term, what has not changed is the outstanding quality of Artwork that Hall School boys have produced over the course of the academic year, whether it be in the classroom or at home. At this time of year, we would normally be inviting you to join us at the annual Art exhibition which we always take great pleasure in curating. Due to the current crisis, this has of course not been possible. We were keen therefore to produce an online brochure to celebrate the boys’ artistic achievements.


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