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The first steps in developing an outdoor learning space were taken by some of the Junior School boys at the Wilf Slack Playing Fields. In time the whole school will become involved in planting trees and developing a wilderness area to encourage insects and wildlife, creating an outdoor classroom and installing a fire pit.

Gardening Club started running on a Tuesday after school for MS and SS boys to learn how to grow plants and vegetables for the school kitchens. The plants and herbs created a lovely green space for boys to relax in.

In DT boys enjoyed several Eco Projects in which insect hotels and bird boxes were made to attract bugs, birds and other wildlife for us to observe. In Science, Year 5s learned about ecosystems and they designed traps to catch insects or other small animals and in Geography boys learned about ecosystems, food chains and food webs. In the autumn term, they put some of the theory into practice on the field trip to Swanage, where they also carried out a beach clean!

Plants for classrooms; pollution absorbing plants were introduced into classrooms across the school. All plants with green leaves naturally absorb carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen back into the air, so following some research by the Eco Committee members, into which plants might be most effective and within budget, boys prioritised buying potted plants for classrooms. Placing green plants in each classroom enables the natural purification of the air and reduces the damage caused by toxins in the school environment from substances such as glue, paint and cleaning products. Now, all we have to do is keep them watered!

Lockdown afforded lots of time and sunshine as boys kept up with the eco challenges of biodiversity! Many boys grew herbs and vegetables at home, made their worm farms and compost from garden waste, created beehives, bird boxes and insect hotels and collected rainwater to recycle in their gardens. Others celebrated the wonders of nature through photography, joining in the school photography competition to capture images of birds.


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