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The Hall is committed to funding ten bursary places in the school at any one time, based on offering bursary awards of up to 100% of fees and on-costs for one or two places into Year 4 most years.  

In 2017, The Kirsty Anderson Bursary Fund was launched, created by Kirsty herself upon her departure from the school after 16 years’ outstanding service as Head of the Junior School.  During that time she had guided nearly 1000 young boys through the doors of 69 Belsize Park, hugely influencing their early learning and development.  As her leaving present, Kirsty asked that parents, alumni and friends who wished to make a contribution should donate to The Hall’s bursary funds. In recognition of this, The Hall launched the Kirsty Anderson Bursary Fund.  

Over 300,000 was initially donated towards this fund, a wonderful legacy of Kirsty’s time at the school, which has enabled us to support a means-tested bursary award into the future.  We have been very grateful for the ongoing support of parents in helping to fund our bursary scheme. 

If you would like to learn more or feel you could support Bursary funds, please contact


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Office: 020 7722 1700


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