Curriculum Overview

Through the delivery of the curriculum at The Hall we aim to support the boys in:

  • Developing a sense of understanding of themselves and the importance of building, fostering and promoting positive relationships with others.
  • Developing resilience, purpose and independence, thinking for themselves and in so doing ultimately recognising the intrinsic pleasure in and value of learning for life.
  • Growing into responsible, kind and happy adults.

It is a continual great pleasure for those of us teaching here to help every boy work hard to fulfil his potential; we set high, challenging standards for all. The beauty of learning in any independent school, The Hall included, is that we are free from working within the frameworks prescribed for schools in the state maintained sector. That said, much of what our boys learn is closely aligned to the schemes of work set out in the National Curriculum; we do our best to shape our programme to suit our needs however, thus ensuring it is fit for our purpose. At The Hall the school day is busy and full, yet plenty of boys still find the time and energy to enjoy taking part in our extra-curricular activities too.

We also understand that our boys learn best in different ways. At The Hall we exploit a number of varied learning environments, through which a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum is delivered; plenty of learning happens in lessons of course, but also when our boys are out at Games, playing in concerts, acting in plays, on school trips here in the UK or abroad, as well as when they are completing tasks on their own at home in the evenings. Schemes of work are designed to provide plenty of scope for boys to tackle a range of tasks and activities that best match the breadth and depth of their abilities and then extend them. These schemes are reviewed annually.

Senior Schools to which we send out boys are increasingly making decisions about entry at 13+ when our boys are still in Year 6 or 7, so in addition to delivering what we do so the boys can confidently meet the challenges of the different examination systems at 13+, we also prepare them for the range of pre-entry assessments for Senior Schools that we know they have to undertake during their time here.