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11 – 15 May 2020

Food Bank Donation Point

Thank you to everyone who brought bags and boxes of food into the school’s Food Bank Donation point last week… we were delighted to fill a people carrier up to the rafters with your donations! The first load was taken off to the Food Cycle food bank in Kilburn on Thursday evening but we continue to welcome donations of dry, packaged and tinned foods. 

If you would like to make a donation, please leave bags or boxes in a box to be found on the front steps of the senior school building on Crossfield Road during school hours and text a message to 07733318184 to advise us that a donation has been made.  The food will be regularly transferred inside into a safe dry container until the end of each week, when it will be taken to the foodbank. For those parents who may not be passing the school buildings but would like to contribute food donations, please find a link here to Food Cycle website to find out the locations of other foodbanks nearer to your home or to make a financial donation:

In a socio-economically diverse area such as Camden there is no shortage of foodbanks to be found BUT in the current circumstances it is shocking to see that most of them are really struggling to operate due to reduced donations and the overwhelming rise in need, particularly with the government free school meal alternative systems still not working effectively.  In these challenging times, it is wonderful to see that Hall families have come forward with ideas for reaching out to our local community.  Thank you so very much for everything that you are able to contribute.

Competition Time

From Miss Luck – Head of Art

Although it has probably been very difficult for many of us to adjust to life under lock down. I hope that you will agree that it has been incredibly inspiring seeing how the creative thinking that people have been turning their minds to. Some of you may have seen a news article this week drawing people’s attention to the Getty Museum Challenge. The challenge is to recreate and then photograph Artworks at home using household items. Do have a look at the website below for more info. I have also included my own response to the task on Firefly, my interpretation of Papero’s Portrait of Salvador Dali and would like to try and recreate one a week whilst at home! 🙂 Please send any entries to Miss Luck. I will be creating a gallery of entries here on Firefly and will be awarding a package of art materials to the best interpretations.  I am very excited to see your responses. Good Luck!

From Miss Downing – Head of Design Technology

Tech Talk Challenge – Open to all middle and senior school boys.  Boys are to generate a 3 to 5 minutes video where they discuss or debate technology.  Perfect timing given the surge in technology usage!  Entries are to be uploaded into the TechTalk SharePoint folder.  The deadline is Friday 22nd May – The prize is up to £40 of Amazon vouchers.

Distance Learning Contest with TINKERCAD – Boys must be over 13 to enter or have parental permission.  They are to use computer aided design to product three products and then upload them to the Instructables website giving instructions on how they are made.  The deadline is Friday 1st June – the prize is £400 of Amazon vouchers and a post on the Instructables website.

Please contact Miss Downing for further information by email –


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