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The school is committed to developing a range of digital learning resources and providing a variety of technological opportunities for our pupils. As intelligent and discerning learners with the capacity and appetite to learn from a variety of sources and situations, the boys navigate through a curriculum that enables them to acquire appropriate skills and dispositions in relation to using technology and digital learning resources. We want our pupils not just to use the latest technology and resources skilfully but also to create content and to experience working collaboratively becoming competent ‘digital citizens’, who easily and seamlessly integrate their technology skills across all learning areas.

We embrace the concept of anytime, anyplace and anywhere learning while also allowing for the personalisation of the learning experience for each pupil. A good learning platform is therefore essential for pupils and staff; currently, we use the Firefly platform that allows teachers to celebrate students’ work, upload educational resources and create an online space that can be accessed from home and school. Parents also have the opportunity to discuss their views and listen to recent developments during the Parent Technology forums that take place once a term.

Boys in the Senior School enjoy the opportunity to bring in their own devices from home. This allows for easy access to a wealth of resources on our learning platform and collaborative learning, including shared resources using Office 365 applications.


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