The more I learn, the more I learn that I need to learn more” ― unknown

The newly established Enrichment Programme, led by a Head of Academic Enrichment, boasts a range of opportunities for the boys at the school. The key purpose of this programme is to coordinate and promote the vast range of academic enrichment opportunities available to the boys, with a focus on inclusivity and provision for all. It ensures that there are opportunities for students with specific learning difficulties as well as for the highly able students and includes those boys with a deep interest or passion for a particular subject or curriculum area. The Head of Academic Enrichment works to make sure there is an appropriate supply of resources and ensures boys are given plenty of experiences to broaden horizons and to enrich the regular curriculum.

Enrichment in the classroom

It is part of the professional commitment of teachers at The Hall to cater to the greatest extent possible for individual learning.  The Head of Academic Enrichment works with teachers in each school to support the identification of boys working above what is expected of that year level or showing a keen interest in a particular subject area. This profiling enables us to tailor the teaching and to develop content in order to challenge identified boys and improve their experiences, which in turn enhances levels of student effort and engagement hence raising standards and outcomes.

Beyond the classroom

The Hall prides itself on the range of opportunities available to the boys beyond the classroom. Throughout the year boys will have access to various enrichment opportunities. Numerous school trips enhance learning experiences in a wide range of subject areas.  Boys also have the opportunity to enter competitions both in their subject areas and in extra-curricular subject areas – such as the General Knowledge Quiz. Boys can showcase specific talents through public speaking and exhibitions. Each year group can look forward to an annual enrichment day.

Enrichment opportunities outside school

Of course, learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom or school! There are many different enrichment opportunities for the boys outside the classroom, from face-to-face interactions to online activities. Events and exhibitions that take place on weekends will be advertised on the school website so boys can access areas of keen interest with family members, friends and sometimes staff.