Academic Achievement and Future Schools

At the end of Year 8 boys sit either Common Entrance or Scholarship exams to secure their entry to a senior school. The vast majority of the boys will have received a conditional offer to a school in Year 6 or 7 for entry in Year 9.

Boys leave us to move on to a range of very good senior schools. The majority of the boys will move on to a London day school with normally twenty to twenty five boys joining St Paul’s and Westminster each year. Other popular schools include City of London, UCS and Merchant Taylors’. Eton, Winchester, Harrow, Tonbridge and Radley are popular choices for those boys who wish to board. In Year 8 between 12 and 16 boys will sit scholarship exams for their chosen school. The School has an excellent track record of gaining both academic and music awards.

Our pupils started in September 2019 at the following schools: St Paul’s 13, Westminster 12, Eton College 9, UCS 6, Mill Hill 4, Harrow 2, City of London 1, Highgate 1, John Lyon 1, Merchant Taylors’ 1, Oundle 1, Sevenoaks 1, Winchester 1.

In 2018 our pupils joined the following schools:   Westminster 14, Mill Hill 7, St Paul’s 7, Eton College 5, UCS 5,  Acland Burghley 1, City of London 1, Haileybury 1, Harrow 1, Highgate 1, Institute Le Rosey 1, King’s Canterbury 1, Merchant Taylors’ 1, Merchiston 1, Tonbridge 1, Winchester 1. Three academic awards were gained including a Queen’s Scholarship at Westminster.

In 2016 and 2017 our pupils have joined the following schools: St Paul’s 31, Westminster 15, Eton 10, Harrow 8, UCS 7, City of London 6, Mill Hill 4, Radley 2, Sevenoaks 2, Abingdon 1, Ampleforth 1, Bryanston 1, Charterhouse 1, Highgate 1, King’s Canterbury 1, Merchant Taylors’ 1, Oundle 1, Shiplake College 1, Tonbridge 1, Wellington 1, Wetherby 1, Winchester 1.

A total of fifteen academic awards were gained over the last three years as well as ten music awards.

In September 2015  our  leavers started at the  following schools:- Westminster 11, Eton 10, St Paul’s 10, Mill Hill 4, Harrow 3, Highgate 3, King’s Canterbury 3, Tonbridge 2, UCS 2, City of London 1, Oundle 1.

Six pupils gained academic scholarships – two each at Eton, St Paul’s and Westminster. In addition five boys achieved music awards to their next school.

In 2014, our boys joined a total of seventeen different schools, with the breakdown outlined below:-

St Paul’s 12, Westminster 8, Harrow 6, City of London 4, Highgate 4, Winchester College 3, Eton 2, Merchant Taylors’ 2, Mill Hill 2, UCS 2, Abingdon 1, Dulwich 1, Charterhouse 1, Haileybury 1, Northbridge House 1, Oundle 1, Radley 1.

In 2014 eight academic awards and three music awards were made to boys from The Hall.

The Common Entrance Exams are set by the Independent Schools Examination Board while the majority of scholarship exams are set by each individual school. Each school marks the papers and sets their own grade boundaries.

Boys do not sit any public examinations including SATs, GCSEs or A levels.