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Hall boys have a fulfilling and exciting week, enriched both personally and socially, experiencing huge breadth and depth in the curriculum. From his earliest days with us, every boy is encouraged and supported to delve into the variety of learning on offer. We want boys to give of themselves with confidence while truly understanding the importance of endeavour, honesty, and openness. Our hope is that boys will achieve to the best of their capabilities and lead distinctive lives that make an impact on the world around them.

Originality and curiosity have always been at the heart of the experience of being at The Hall and such approaches to life take on increased relevance as educational experiences for the modern world are tailored to suit each boy. In the context of an ever-changing environment within and beyond the school gates, we are guided along the way by the values underpinning our life together at school: we celebrate behaviours revealing integrity, confidence, responsibility, endeavour, curiosity, originality, tolerance, and courtesy in all members of our community.

So, it is true to say that there can be no ‘typical’ Hall Boy leaving our doors at the end of Year 8 – each emerges as an individual, certainly with many strengths to be cherished, but also with self-awareness of particular personal characteristics requiring further refinement. Each will have enjoyed fashioning his own combination of experiences and squeezing the most from every opportunity, culminating in an individualised, unique ‘education’. We hope that this Learning Map will give you a good sense of the many routes that a boy starting his learning journey at The Hall might follow.

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