Lecture Series

lecture@TheHall 2018 – 2019 Series

Middle School Hall at 6.45pm.  Light refreshments are served before the lecture.

William Lawrence; Classical London

This Autumn Term we look forward to welcoming William Lawrence to speak to parents and boys on Thursday 15th November

William will speak about Classical London, sharing an entertaining and informative survey of what’s all around us on the streets of London, if we look up and use our eyes! We’ll be taken on a virtual walk to look at shop signs, pub signs, street furniture, architecture, statuary and other evidence to demonstrate that the classical resonances of Greece and Rome are all around us if only we know how to look.


Mishal Husain; The Skills

In the Spring Term  2019 on Wednesday 16th January, we will hear Mishal speak about her book The Skills (released September 2018).

In the book Mishal inspires, champions and encourages women to make their ambitions a reality by focusing on practical skills that make a difference. During the lecture Mishal will talk about a range of skills that are relevant to us all, focusing upon presenting oneself in the workplace (in any workplace, even a school!), and to reflect upon how we present ourselves in life. ” Body language, voice, public speaking, negotiation, making a short sharp pitch that can be use in any setting and to further any aim or ambition we may have…. these are skills that could and should last us a lifetime.”