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Life Skills at The Hall School focuses on developing the boys’ personal and social skills to support them in making the best of their opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.

The boys are prompted to consider three main areas of their lives: Health and Wellbeing’; ‘Relationships’; and ‘Living in the Wider World.’ Life Skills provides a framework through which key knowledge, skill and attributes can be developed and applied to some of the most pressing issues young people face: from mental health to understanding the importance of staying safe online, healthy and safe relationships, making sense of media messages, challenging extreme views and having the skills and attributes to negotiate the challenges of school life and enter into the next stage of their education with the knowledge and self-belief to fulfil their own potential. Above all, it promotes informed and positive decision making, whilst encouraging respect for other people, as well as teaching pupils to celebrate difference. Our approach to teaching Life Skills is varied and includes small group discussions, hands-on projects and experiences, visiting speakers and workshops.


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