Partnerships with Primary Schools

The partnership model that we are evolving with schools is based upon action in the community.  We aim for partnerships in education which will enhance and improve the quality of learning and teaching to meet the needs of the pupils, educators and the community in partnership organisations.  The response from key players in The Hall teaching staff and parent body has been overwhelmingly supportive and consistent, so we have been able to plan an exciting range of activities based on their continued involvement.

The Hall is proud to be developing partnerships with:-

Richard Cobden Primary School, Camden; Edith Neville Primary School, Camden; Christ Church Primary School, Camden; Rosary Catholic Primary School, Westminster; Fitzjohn’s Primary School, Camden; Hungerford Primary School, Islington

Community Partnerships Coordinator

The Hall Community Partnerships Coordinator spends on average three days per week in selected partnership schools.  Her role there is to support learning and teaching ‘on the ground’, either leading or providing input to timetabled lessons, clubs and workshops herself (eg. support for Years 3, 4 and 5 LiteracyDT and Art, Drama and Life Skills sessions across the year groups) or channelling The Hall’s growing network of contributors within the partnership organisation.

Hall Parent Support

Hall parents support various partnership school based activities, such as the Reading Support Scheme at Richard Cobden Primary in Camden; approximately thirty Hall parents are involved, giving their time to support Reception and Year 1 children reading every week day throughout term time.  In addition parents provide maths and literacy support in Edith Neville Primary and Christ Church Primary.  The Hall’s Actor-in -Residence provides Life Skills and Drama sessions during lesson time.

Hall Teacher and Pupil Support

The bi-annual Maths Investigation Day is a joint event led and hosted by The Hall, where maths teachers from the Hall and one of our partnership schools support each other in planning and running a carousel of fun maths activities for 16 partnership school children and 16 Hall boys over an afternoon in the Wathen Hall. It is planned that the events will accommodate a range of our partnership primary schools and different year groups going forwards.

In 2017 we trialled an event where Year 8 Hall boys peer tutored Year 5 children in a fun cross-curricula all-day event within a partnership school, focused upon Fibonacci (Maths and Art).

For two years, The Hall has organised and jointly run a Sports Day for all the Year 4-6 children from Richard Cobden Primary school at our Wilf Slack sports ground during the summer term; Hall Year 7 boys have provided excellent physical and psychological support to participants throughout!

There have been successful Science Enrichment days run over the past year.  A Science Day in March 2017 was an example of a joint event to be led and hosted by The Hall, in which 70 Year 6 children came by coach to The Hall from a partnership school for lunch and then experienced a carousel of fun biology, physics and chemistry activities in the labs. Twenty Hall Year 8 boys peer supported the learning. It is planned that such events will be bi-annual going forward and that such joint Science activities will include Hall Junior and Middle School boys.

Several ongoing clubs and workshops have been provided by Hall teachers and boys for children in The Winch project:-

  • The weekly Chess after-school club has been running for two years now, by Hall Year 5 and 7 boys
  • After-school Sports Activities are run by Hall Games staff on The Yard for groups of Yr 1&2 children during the Summer & Autumn Terms
  • A weekly Music Group will continue for a second term this Autumn Term.  Led and accompanied by a Hall music teacher, twelve Winch children enjoy learning to play the Ukelele and singing along!
  • Pottery workshops will be run again at The Hall by our Ceramics teacher, following the success of the Summer Term sessions in which Discovery Level Arts Awards were achieved by eight children
  • Twelve children joined in The Hall Science Club sessions run in the labs over the Summer Term 2017.  Hall boys demonstrated and encouraged during a range of hands-on interactive science activities

For further information, or to get involved in the community action, please contact Ann Cross, Community Partnerships Coordinator a.cross@hallschool.co.uk