The learning of mathematics takes a key role in the curriculum for the boys at The Hall.  It is our aim that boys:

  • Feel confident and fluent with numeracy from Reception onwards and with algebra from Years 5-6
  • Learn to present their working clearly using mathematical notation
  • Investigate and solve mathematical problems independently and in teams
  • Develop a logical approach towards mathematical thinking
  • Enjoy the diverse applications of mathematics including from different cultures
  • Feel fully equipped to be successful in Maths during their time here and beyond

The subject is taught by class teachers until Year 4 and by specialist mathematics teachers from Year 5 – using a common set of principles throughout the school. A ‘little and often’ approach is encouraged at home as well as in school. We use the Abacus teaching framework and tools until Year 4 (enhanced with problem solving and investigations). The Jerome Bruner/Singapore Maths three-step approach moving from concrete materials, to pictorial and then to abstract representation underpins our approach.

In the Junior School the emphasis is on developing confidence and mastery in numeracy.  The curriculum introduces the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and also shape, space, measures and data handling.  Games and puzzles exploit links with other subjects. This is extended in Year 4 and the boys further develop their problem solving skills using a variety of materials. From Year 5 the emphasis shifts towards rigorous written methods and focus is also put on developing mental arithmetic skills, logic and systematic problem solving.  In Years 6 to 8 we continue to support individual learning and aim to foster an enjoyment in the subject, as well as to develop calculator skills. Years 5-6 take part in the Primary Maths Challenge and Years 6-8 the Junior Mathematics Challenge from which the strongest qualify for the Junior Kangaroo and the Junior Olympiad. We enter teams in the Junior Team Challenge (Years 7-8), the Quiz Club’s KS2 Mathematics Quiz and also run mathematics enrichment days with our partner Primary Schools. We take part in the fun during UNICEF’s World Maths Day and International Pi Day in Senior School.