There can be no doubt that The Matrons at The Hall are a well established ‘tradition’!  Quaint job title notwithstanding, the role has been brought firmly into the 21st century at The Hall where the demand for the Matrons’ time and attention does not lessen in the face of boys’ jam-packed timetables and non-stop learning challenges, and with parents feeling reassured by this extra layer of pastoral care for their children.

In some ways the role is a motherly one; accompanying boys with sports injuries to hospital, finding lost cricket jumpers or mouthguards before cricket matches and sharing out their birthday cakes is all in a day’s work. … the problems of ripped trousers, a dearth of socks and forgotten calculators three minutes before an exam are all resolved by these mother figures! All the boys know that Matron will make them feel better, whether the problem is a grazed knee or hurt feelings, but these ladies also embody a sense of reassurance and stability for parents too. Our Matrons help create a sense of partnership between teachers, parents and boys through providing clear information and opportunities for discussion in order to promote the best interests of each individual child. Matron may be reached directly as follows:-

In the Senior School on 020 7449 4344 or 020 7722 1700. SSMatron@hallschool.co.uk 

and Junior School on 020 7449 6917 or j.freshwater@hallschool.co.uk

Parents are asked to advise the appropriate Matron by 8.15am if their child is going to be absent due to illness or late into school for any reason.  The following links may be useful if parents are unsure about symptoms or exclusion periods related to certain illnesses:-