Music School

There is a vibrant and thriving musical environment at The Hall School, which is extremely well supported by boys, parents, staff and school Governors. The atmosphere of inclusive, purposeful music making in the school is greatly respected and the majority of boys choose to become involved in the wider musical life of the school as well as within weekly class lessons. Instrumental and vocal tuition is first class, delivered by visiting professionals and there is a comprehensive programme of ensembles that supports curriculum work. Many of the high profile events during a school year have music at their core and there are correspondingly impressive standards expected and achieved at all levels.

Through largely practical activities in class lessons boys have the opportunity to develop an enjoyment and appreciation of a wide range of music. They are encouraged and enthused to participate in musical activities and are able to improve their social skills and understanding through shared experience. They can explore their imagination, creativity, sensitivity and self-confidence as independent and self-motivated musicians, and they can expand their aesthetic awareness of music, history and culture.

The instrumental programme begins in the Junior School, where boys have the opportunity to become pianists or string players, as well as learning the recorder. They also begin to experience ensemble music making through the choir, the string group and the recorder group. In the Middle School and Senior Schools boys have access to lessons in a wide range of instruments and there are many opportunities to sing in choirs and play in orchestras, bands, chamber music groups and specialist ensembles. A supporting calendar of concerts, competitions, workshops and exams allows each individual to develop at their own pace and pursue their own musical interests.

A number of boys go on to win musical awards at top London day schools and national boarding schools, where competition is fierce and standards are extremely high. Whilst these pinnacles of achievement are to be celebrated, it is most important that boys at The Hall are encouraged to gain a life-long love and respect for the music that they experience, create and discover in the wider world.