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Governance at The Hall

As in many independent schools, The Hall is set up as an educational charity, operating in a way very different from public charities.  In such schools Governors are similar to non-executive Directors; they serve the school on a voluntary basis. The composition of the Hall’s Board reflects the world in which the school operates, with each Governor offering specific skills and expertise in an area, which is, or could be, of importance to The Hall.

In The Hall’s case, the largest skill set on the Board reflects the importance of – and emphasis on – our core ‘business’ of education. We are lucky enough to have the current Head of St Paul’s among our number.  On the professional side, we have governors with accountancy skills, with investment experience, with legal knowledge (a solicitor and a barrister). Since we need to pay proper attention to our buildings and grounds we have a surveyor and property expert on the Board and recently we have recruited a leading PR consultant whose guidance is valuable in helping us to co-exist peacefully with our neighbours. Several of these Governors are current parents, past parents or former pupils and a representative of the Mercers’ Company, forming a link, which allows the school access to the broad knowledge and experience of the Company’s education committee. Together the Governors are a team that works together harmoniously for the good of the school.

So what do Governors do? Firstly they are the guardians of standards within the school. In brief summary, they must ensure that pupils are given the best possible, broad education in surroundings that are safe, conducive to learning and fit for purpose. In addition, they must ensure the financial health and well being of the school and, together with the school’s senior managers, must plan strategically for the future. The structure of the  Governing Body and the schedule of meetings must be organised to support these and many other responsibilities.

There is a policy for Governance and among other things, this dictates a Governor’s term of office. This ensures both continuity and rotation; the Governing body is refreshed by seeking new recruits who are put forward by a Nominations Committee to fill specific gaps in order to retain a well-balanced Board with a broad spread of expertise. As a Board, we review our own performance on an annual basis.

The Hall School traces its roots back to 1889 when the Reverend Francis Wrottesley set up his own school, primarily to educate his own growing family of boys. He took in other paying pupils and so the Belsize School for Boys was born. He sold it in 1898 to the Reverend Douglas Marshall when pupil numbers had sunk to 13.

The Hall Board of Governors 2024

Anthony Fobel – Chairman
Former Governor and parent, CEO of Arcmont Asset Management

Correspondence for the Chairman of the Governors should be sent to c/o The Hall School, 23 Crossfield Road, London NW3 4NU

Peter Mason – Vice Chairman & Chairman of Finance Committee
Present parent, Head of Debt Capital Markets EMEA at Barclays. Founder and Trustee of the DIMA Foundation, a school for children with special needs in Iraq

Mustafa Abbas
Present parent, Managing Director, Banking. Chairman of Campaign Board Member for Merton College, University of Oxford. Foundation Board member for Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge.

Dr Subhra Bhaduri
Former parent, Consultant Oncologist

Monika Morris
Former parent, Management Consultant & Partner Eden McCallum LLP

Sally-Anne Huang
High Master of St. Paul’s School

Victoria Bingham
Headmistress, North London Collegiate School

Henrik Lonberg
Present parent, Architect, Senior Associate Director, Flanagan Lawrence

Louis Florentin-Lee
Former pupil, former parent, Managing Director, Lazard Asset Management

Dr Tasos Aidonis
Director of Upper School, Westminster School

Alan Payne KC
Former pupil, present parent, Barrister at 39 Essex Chambers

Sophia Goodall
Brand Strategy and Planning Manager


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