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Our staff


Mr Christopher Godwin BSc (Hons), MA Universities of Loughborough and Durham – appt 2013  |  Geography and Current Affairs

Senior Leadership Team

Deputy Head Learning and Teaching
Mrs Jessica Johnson BA (Hons), MSc, PGCE, Universities of Southampton and Greenwich – appt 2016  |  Geography

Assistant Head School Management and Head of Senior School
Dr Willem Steyn BMus, MMus, DMus, HED, Universities of South Africa and Port Elizabeth and North West University – appt 2010 | Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (Senior School)

Head of Middle School
Mr Richard Gordon BA (Hons), University of West of England – appt 2000 | History | Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (Middle School)

Head of Junior School
Mr Kevin Dobson BA (Hons), St Mary’s University College – appt 2018  | General Subjects

Deputy Head of Junior School
Mrs Katie Bonham Carter MA (Hons), PGCE, Universities of St Andrews and Kingston – appt 2007  |  General Subjects  | Designated Safeguarding Lead (whole school)

Senior Support Team

Head of External Relations – Dr Sue Godwin

Director of Operations – Mr Donal Grant-Stevenson

Director of Finance and Clerk to the Governors – Mrs Varsha Patel
|  Senior Leadership Team  

Head of Human Resources – Ms Rachel Seghers

Mr James Chapman BA (Hons), PGCE
Bournemouth University – appt 2013
Head of Year 7 | Deputy Head Mathematics

Mr Dominic Corbett BA, PGCE
University of Nottingham and University College London – appt 2020
Year 4 Class Teacher |  General Subjects

Ms Margot Duncan BA, NZ Dip Teaching
University of Otago NZ – appt 2001
Head of Year 4  |  General Subjects

Ms Megan Early BA, MA
École Internationale Bilingue – Victor Hugo and University of San Diego
Year 4 Class Teacher  |  General Subjects

Mrs Lise Galuga BAS, BEd
Universities of Windsor and Ottawa
Year 8 Form Teacher | Science

Mr James Goldsmith BA (Hons), PGCE
University of Sussex and Buckingham University – appt 2018
Year 7 Form Teacher | English and Sport

Mr Joe Isitt BMedSc, MSc, PGCE
Universities of Birmingham and Buckingham – appt 2018
Year 7 Form Teacher | Science and Sport

Ms Leonie Lachlan BA, MA, Diploma in Drawing
Newcastle University, Royal College of Art and the Royal Drawing School – appt 2018
Head of Year 6  |  Art and Pottery

Mr James Lee BSc (Hons)
University of Surrey – appt 2022
PE & Games Teacher

Ms Beth Lewis-Williams BA (Hons), MA, PGCE (part time)
Central St Martin’s, Camberwell College of Arts and Middlesex University – appt 2013

Ms Madeleine Mead-Herbert BA (Hons), MSc, PGCE
Oxford Brooks University and University of Oxford – appt 2020

Mr Alexi Mavroudis BA (Hons), PGCE
Universities of Buckingham and Hertfordshire – appt 2017 
PE and Games

Mrs Vlona Metrama BSc (Hons), PGCE
Universities of Prishtina, Westminster and Middlesex – appt 2017 

Mr Chris O’Leary BA (Hons) (part-time)
University of Oxford – appt 2021

Ms Eilís O’Neill, BSEd
University of Limerick – appt 2016 
Year 8 Form Teacher | Science

Ms Lisa Parkes BA (Hons), PGCE
Bristol Polytechnic and Middlesex University – appt 2018

Mr Chirag Patel PGCE
Kingston University – appt 2022
PE & Games Teacher

Mr Sela Peter BA, BSc
Universities of Bournemouth and East London – appt 2016

Mr Will Perry-Parks BA
Roehampton – appt 2014
Year 5 Form Teacher

Ms Kim Rocha Pope
University of South Africa – appt 2020
Year 6 Form Teacher | Mathematics

Mrs Sarah Schofield BA (Hons)
Cornell University – appt 2013

Mrs Sophie Stones, BA (Hons), PGCE
Lancaster University and The Open University – appt 2017 
Year 5 Form Teacher |  French

Mr Jonathan Stringer
– appt 2014 
PE and Sport | Rugby

Dr Christopher Wood BA (Hons), PhD, PGCE
Universities of Durham, Liverpool and Cambridge – appt 2006
Latin and Greek

Ms Monica Aguiar  BA (Hons)
University of London – appt 2022
Teaching Assistant Reception

Ms Tracey Buss  |  Teaching Assistant Middle & Senior Schools

Mr Christopher Bonham Carter  BSc
University of Nottingham – appt 2021
Teaching Assistant Year 1

Ms Sasha Dabernig  BA (Hons)
Academy of Contemporary Music, Guildford – appt 2021
Teaching Assistant Year 3

Mr Max Fairfull –  appt 2021
Gap Student

Ms Natalie Kallend, CACHE Level 3 Childcare and Education (part-time)
Barnet College –  appt 2017
Teaching Assistant Year 1

Ms Alison Lidstone, NVQ Level 3
– appt 2013
Teaching Assistant Reception

Ms Kamila Marszalek, BA (Hons), CACHE Level 3 Childcare and Education
University of Portsmouth and St Francis Xavier College –  appt 2018
Teaching Assistant Reception

Ms Rachel O’Reilly BA
Southampton Solent University –  appt 2018 
Teaching Assistant Year 3

Mrs Sara-Jayne Raynor CACHE Level 3 Early Years
Montessori Certificate – appt 2005 
Teaching Assistant Reception

Mrs Lizette Saikia BA, PGCE
Universities of Kent and Cumbria – appt 2010
Teaching Assistant Year 2

Ms Sacha Talbot-Dunn, City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma
Westminster Kingsway – appt 2016
Teaching Assistant Year 1

Ms Josephine Woodforde (part-time)
– appt 2015
Teaching Assistant Year 1

Ms Marta Cioeta BSc (Psych), MA,
University of La Sapienza, Tavistock Centre and Portman NHS Trust – appt 2017

Ms Abbie Luck BA Fine Art (Hons), PGCE
Nottingham Trent University – appt 2009

Mr Robert Grant Classics BA (Hons), PGCE
Universities of Bristol and Surrey – appt 2017
Head of Enrichment | Head of Year 8

Design Technology
Mrs Amy Austin BA (Hons), PGCE
Nottingham Trent University – appt 2019

Mr John Padden BA (Hons), BDiv (Hons), PGCE
Guildford School of Acting, University of Surrey, Maryvale Institute and London Arts Consortium – Goldsmiths – appt 2019

Mr Spencer Pinkus BA (Hons), LLB (Hons), PGCE
University of Cambridge, University College London, and The College of Law, London – appt 2021
Year 8 Form Teacher

Mrs Catherine Davies LLB (Hons), PGCE
Birmingham University/University of Limoges and Open University – appt 2014
Year 6 Form Teacher

Mr Jonathan Lloyd BSc, PGCE
University of London, King’s College and Buckingham University – appt 2019
Year 8 Form Teacher

Mr Ognjen Soskic BA, PGCE
University College London and Roehampton University – appt 2016
Year 7 Form Teacher  |  History and Games

Life Skills (Senior and Middle Schools)
Mrs Francesca Mindell BA (Hons), PGCE
University of Manchester and Roehampton University – appt 2015

Ms Katharine Bratton BSc (Hons), PGCE
Newcastle University – appt 2018 

Ms Luisa Rosina BMus (Hons)
Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London – appt 2020

Theology, Philosophy and Religion
Ms Rita Halloun BEd, BA, MA
Australian Catholic University and Heythrop College, University of London – appt 2018

Mr Andrew Chambers BSc (Hons), PGCE
The Queen’s University of Belfast and Manchester Metropolitan University – appt 2019
Head of Assessment, Data and Reporting 

Mr Christopher MacFarlane BSc (Hons), PGCE
Leeds and London Metropolitan Universities – appt 2009
Co-curricular Co-ordinator 

Year 3
Ms Tessa Burr BA, PGCE
University of Cape Town – appt 2019
Head of year 3 | General Subjects

Mrs Robyn McLachlan BCom, PGCE
Universities of Cape Town and South Africa – appt 2019
Year 3 Class Teacher |  General Subjects

Mr Daniel Payne BA (Hons), PGCE
Universities of London and Northampton – appt 2016
Year 3 Class Teacher |  General Subjects

Year 2
Ms Teresa Bargent BEd (Hons)

Institute of Education – appt 2001
Head of Year 2  |  General Subjects

Ms Chloe Taylor BA, PGCE
Universities of East London and Goldsmiths – appt 2017
Year 2 Class Teacher |  General Subjects

Ms Julia McGlashan BA (Hons), PGCE
Universities of Durham and Exeter – appt 2021
Year 2 Class Teacher |  General Subjects

Ms Lisa Blair BSc (Hons), MFA, PGCE (maternity leave)
Universities of York and London – appt 2020
Year 2 Class Teacher |  General Subjects

Year 1
Mrs Sarah Mendoza BEd, MEd

University of London – appt 2003
Head of Year 1  |  General Subjects

Ms Suzy Cole BA (Hons), PGCE
University of Durham and IoE – appt 2018
Year 1 Class Teacher  |  General Subjects

Ms Jane Law Bsc (Hons), iPGCE
Universities of Southampton and Buckingham – appt 2021
Year 1 Class Teacher  |  General Subjects

Ms Dominique Shirbini BA (Hons), MA, PGCE

Universities of East Anglia, Birkbeck and College London – appt 2021
Head of Reception  |  General Subjects  | Designated Safeguarding Lead (EYFS)

Ms Janine O’Higgins BEd (Hons) (maternity leave)
The Queen’s University of Belfast – appt 2015
Head of Reception |  General Subjects  | Designated Safeguarding Lead (EYFS)

Ms Lois Edlin BA (Hons), PGCE
University of Newcastle and Institute of Education – appt 2021 
Reception Teacher  |  General Subjects

Mrs Lily Lee BA, PGCE
Universities of Leeds and Roehampton – appt 2016 
Reception Teacher  |  General Subjects

Specialist Subject Teachers – Junior School
Ms Geraldine Garnier
, Degree in English Language, Literature and Civilisation, PGCE
University of Poitiers  – appt 2015
French (part-time)

Mr Patrick Richmond MMus, BA (Hons), LRSM, LLCM
University of Bristol and Goldsmith’s College, London – appt 2015
Assistant Director of Music (Junior School)

Ms Anna Toots BSc (Hons), PGCE
University of Wales, Aberystwyth – appt 2002
Science Junior and Middle Schools

Mrs Emily Holmstoel BA (Hons), PGCE (part-time)
Head of Learning Support
University of Hertfordshire – appt 2019

Mr Paul Chapman BEd (Hons) (part-time)
Keele University – appt 2006

Mrs Elisa Butler PGCE  (part-time)
Institute of Education – appt 2021

Mrs Danielle Fobel BA (Hons), MDG (part-time)
Universities of Birmingham and Middlesex – appt 2019

Mrs Mina Hazemi BSc (Hons) (part-time)
University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology – appt 2004

Ms Grace Mac Sweeney BA (Hons), PGCE  (part-time)
University College Dublin and Institute of Education – appt 2008

Director of Finance and Clerk to the Governors – Mrs Varsha Patel
Assistant Bursar – Ms Eva Leckie

Director of Operations – Mr Donal Grant-Stevenson
Facilities Manager – Mr Alex Davies-Jones
Catering Manager – Mrs Melanie Casey
Caretaker – School – Mr Simon Morgan
Caretaker – Wilf Slack Sports Ground – Mr Mark Dorow

Head of External Relations – Dr Sue Godwin
Registrar and Alumni Programme Manager – Ms Lucy Naylor
Community Partnership Manager – Ms Ann Williamson-Cross
Primary School Science Project Lead – Ms Penelope Harley

Head of Human Resources – Ms Rachel Seghers
Human Resources Officer – Ms Natalie Howe

Headmaster’s PA – Mrs Susie Armes
Senior School Secretary – Mrs Stephanie Linger

Junior School Secretary – Mrs Penny Slater (job-share)
Junior School Secretary – Mrs Lindsey-Anne Shah (job-share)

Administrative Assistant (Music Department) – Ms Isabel Herschmann (part-time)

ICT Manager – Mr Bartek Sulek
ICT Technician – Mr Jay Bukenya

Senior and Middle Schools Matron – Ms Liz Irwin (part-time)
Senior and Middle Schools Matron – Mrs Sue Carlton (part-time)
Junior School Matron – Mrs Janet Freshwater

Crossing Supervisor – Ms Jana Kovicakova (part-time)

Librarian – Dr Nicola Luckhurst (part-time)

Science Technician – Mrs Mariyana Geneva

Mr Tim Telfer Cert Ed
Maria Grey College – appt 1998


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