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Home → Admissions Admissions News Due to COVID-19 social distancing measures, please note that our Registrar is currently working partly from home. All enquiries about admissions should be addressed to for the time being, please.  Alternatively please call 07739 061977 We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Open Evenings 2021 Following the …

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Home → Admissions → Register Occasional Places Admission to Years 1 to 7; the Occasional Places Register Very occasionally, places may arise in Years 1 (5+) to 7 (11+) when a family relocates from London or a boy leaves the school for other reasons. These places are rare and their timing …

Admissions Procedure

Home → Admissions → Admissions Procedure Admissions Procedure Admission at 4+ The Hall admits approximately 50 boys into Reception classes only (aged 4+) every September. Assessments for these places are held in the preceding Spring Term.  Please note that there is no other major intake into any year group in the school after Reception. …


Home → Admissions Bursaries A Hall Bursary is an amount of financial support given to a family of modest means whose son has a track record of academic achievement in their current school and whose potential, we assess, would be further nourished at The Hall. The Governors of The Hall …


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