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Community Partnerships

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Home → Parent Communities HSPA The mission of the Hall School Parents’ Association is to foster a feeling of community and integration at The Hall School, among parents, pupils and staff. The Association is led by a Committee of dedicated members, who are elected at the HSPA’s Annual General Meeting …

Partnerships with Primary Schools

Home → Communities → Community Partnerships Partnerships with Primary Schools The Hall is firmly committed to ensuring that the school and its teachers, parents and where possible, its pupils, play an integral role in the local community through educational partnerships with other schools and charitable organisations. A key priority is the development of …

Saturday Club

Home → Communities → Community Partnerships Saturday Club Our ‘flagship’ venture, Saturday Club commenced in September 2018 after a term of piloting the model – and has continued to flourish since, now with 45 girls and boys in Years 5 and 6 from our partnership primary schools attending each of …

Parent Communities

Home → Communities Parent Communities The Hall School traces its roots back to 1889 when the Reverend Francis Wrottesley set up his own school, primarily to educate his own growing family of boys. He took in other paying pupils and so the Belsize School for Boys was born. He sold …

Triathlon Team

Home → Communities → Parent Communities Triathlon Team Congratulations to the Triathlon Team members for all successfully completing the Blenheim Palace Triathlon, Sunday 4th June, 2023 Once again, we were delighted that so many new starters joined the Tri Team last June as we fundraised over £28,000 for Unitas Youth …

Tour De Godwin

Home → Communities Tour De Godwin The cycling team is ‘stepping on the pedal’! June 2023 sees the Tour de Godwin cyclists heading off to Blenheim Palace once again! Instead of driving to Blenheim Palace to support the Hall Triathletes, Chris Godwin and his band of merry cyclists – parents, …

Hall Parent Volunteers

Home → Communities → Parent Communities Hall Parent Volunteers A large team of Hall parents volunteer weekly in our partnership primary schools in Camden, generously supporting various school-based curriculum activities, such as Reading in Reception and Year 1 classes and Numeracy.  If you have time or resources to offer, please …


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