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Partnerships with Primary Schools


The Hall is firmly committed to ensuring that the school and its teachers, parents and where possible, its pupils, play an integral role in the local community through educational partnerships with other schools and charitable organisations. A key priority is the development of innovative approaches to improving outcomes for all children and in particular for disadvantaged children within our locality.

Since 2018, The Hall has worked with five local primary schools and a number of charitable organisations to determine key partnership priorities for the short and long term.  This covers academic enrichment, pupil development and citizenship, teacher and staff development, professional and pedagogical development, sharing resources and facilities.  Learning enrichment sessions are held throughout each term in specialist facilities at The Hall (eg. science laboratories and recording studio) and in-school teaching and CPD have been provided year-round by Hall staff in MFL and Science. During the pandemic, funding from The Mercers enabled us to put in place a Mental Health & Wellbeing project across the primary partnership schools, to support teacher and student learning and resilience over the next 3 years.

The Hall is proud to have developed partnerships with:

Richard CobdenChrist Church CeEdith NevilleRosary Catholic Primary SchoolFitzjohnsThe Winch

The Hall is always seeking to further develop the outreach programme within the locality, initiating new activities with primary schools and community organisations. Please do be in touch if you have ideas for further partnership development


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