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Development of the culture

  • Development of an inclusive culture and community with diversity recognised, valued and celebrated.
  • Reflect on how we communicate the value and importance of an inclusive community.
  • Ensuring freedom of speech and tolerance, whilst understanding what “freedom of speech” entails.
  • Responding to behaviour at odds with an inclusive culture and community.
  • Promoting cultural understanding.
  • Embedding our key values.

Student, staff and parent awareness and training

  • Encourage staff to go on CPDs around the topic, whilst also making some training mandatory.

Policy Review

  • Aim to write and implement an anti-racist policy as part of safeguarding (behaviour policy).
  • Access to the school – recruitment of pupils to the school.
  • Staff Recruitment, retention and development.


  • Present a diverse range of voices and perspectives across subject content.
  • Develop students’ critical thinking and awareness of different perspectives on issues relating to diversity, ethnicity culture and nationality.
  • Deliver content which not only allows students to see themselves reflected in the curriculum, but also others in a positive way.
  • Review course content to ensure material does not perpetuate stereotypes.
  • Have reading lists and resources that contain a diverse range of authors including those from different ethnicities.
  • Create opportunities to discuss different perspectives within and outside the UK related to ethnic diversity.
  • Understand and celebrate the heritage of members of our community
  • Encourage discussion from students with diverse backgrounds and include topics where personal experience and views are expressed.


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