Progress and Reporting

Here at The Hall we recognise how important the roles of parents and of boys themselves are in helping boys to maximise their learning and progress.

We keep parents and boys up to date with the progress boys are making though feedback and dialogue in lessons, in their books and through our reporting process which consists of regular parents’ evenings and written reports (shared with parents electronically) throughout the year. Feedback focuses on things that went well and areas for boys to focus on in order to drive learning.

We always consider the personal, social and emotional characteristics of each boy we teach. We look at the individual child and make intelligent decisions about how well he is fulfilling his potential from every angle possible. Our goal is to ensure that during their time at The Hall the boys become independent learners who are curious and love learning – skills they will need for Senior school, university and life beyond.

We use a wide range of Assessment for Learning and Assessment of Learning activities including:

  • Building on prior learning
  • Learning objectives and success criteria (including modelling “what good looks like”)
  • Teacher initiated on-going assessment from seeing how boys think, work and learn in every lesson, every day
  • Marking – a dialogue with boys in their exercise books about what went well and areas to focus on
  • Dedicated Improvement and Reflection Time – boys from the Junior School up spend time dedicated to corrections and reflecting on how to improve
  • Self-assessment and peer-assessment
  • Unit tests and assessments in subjects studied
  • Stay informed about the boys’ developing reasoning abilities in relation to national levels