Public Benefit

The Hall redeveloped and formalised its Public Benefit policy in 2014.  In essence, the purpose of The Hall School is to provide high quality education for boys aged 4 to 13 years.  ‘Education’ encompasses providing an environment conducive to sharing and forming knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits through discussion, teaching, training and research activities.  The Hall School takes seriously its responsibility to ensure that the school is being run for the public benefit, not solely to benefit those families who pay full fees. In determining how this is achieved, the following ‘charity’ principles guide decision-making:-

  • We aim to ensure the School’s purpose provides benefit; the level of provision that we make for ‘the poor’ must be more than minimal or token
  •  We aim to manage risks of detriment or harm to the School’s beneficiaries or to the public in general that might result from carrying out the purpose
  • We aim to make decisions about who benefits in ways that are consistent with our purpose

To see the full Public Benefit policy, please click here

Key to the development of The Hall’s community partnership work has been the appointment in February 2017 of a Community Partnerships Co-ordinator.

The position is being funded by the Mercers’ Company, with which The Hall has a relationship as an Associated School.  Funding will allow us to plan and carry out a more substantial and beneficial programme of activities than would otherwise have been possible. The remit of the Coordinator’s role is to further develop the existing programme and initiate new outreach activities with other primary schools and community organisations; a key priority is the development of innovative approaches to improving outcomes for all students and in particular for disadvantaged students.