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12th September 2023

Record Success in the Junior Maths Challenge

It has proven to be another record year for the school in the Junior Maths Challenge.

All pupils in Years 6-8 are entered for the Junior Mathematical Challenge. At least 100 000 pupils participate in this international challenge organised by the UKMT.

This year, 87 boys achieved a Gold Award, 33 Silver and 16 Bronze. We were delighted that 66 pupils from The Hall qualified for either the JM Kangaroo or the JM Olympiad.

In the Kangaroo, the top 25% of participants were awarded a merit; from The Hall, a total of 21 pupils.

Five boys took part in the Junior Olympiad with 2 merits and 1 distinction being awarded. In addition, medals are awarded on the basis of the total score of section B.
Each of the top 40 scorers receive a gold medal, the next 60 a silver medal and the next 100, a bronze medal. All medallists also receive a book prize.

This year our Year 7 entrant was awarded a bronze medal which is a notable achievement. It also continues The Hall’s success in this competition. Last year a Year 8 achieved a gold medal.


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