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Due to the current school closures and COVID-19 health and safety measures, regrettably we have had to postpone the start of the demolition works scheduled for July 2020. The Governors will be monitoring the situation with a view to re-starting the Space to Soar development work as soon as feasible.

The Reverend Francis Wrottesley can have had little idea in 1889 when he established a school in Belsize Park for his three sons and a small number of local pupils, that his creation would go on to have such an illustrious history and become such a leading and highly regarded prep school.

One of the key features of The Hall over the years has been its capacity to adapt and develop to differing circumstances and times. Histories of the school reveal that it has always been innovative in aiming to provide a broad and enriching experience for the pupils and its reputation for academic excellence and high standards has long been treasured.

We believe that the previous twelve Headmasters would be rather pleased to see The Hall of 2019 – a happy, energetic and positive community that continues to seek to provide the best education possible for the boys in our care. A school that is looking forward and is committed to evolve and progress not least in terms of developing our physical facilities. To this end, the key project over the next five years is the regeneration of the Senior School and Wathen Hall, a transformative project we have named Space to Soar.


Room to breathe and learn

The Board of Governors has committed to a programme of investment to meet the school’s future requirements. We believe a new senior school building will transform the teaching and learning of The Hall for the future. This will provide:

  • An atrium at the hub of the school, into which daylight will cascade, giving us both space and light
  • A substantially improved Senior School entrance and foyer from street level
  • Floors rationalised around the atrium, enabling people to move around the Senior School more freely and intuitively
  • Larger classrooms offering space for boys to be more active, inspired and expressive, so complementing the teaching excellence Advanced specialist teaching spaces for Science, Art, DT and Computing
  • A multi-purpose hall for Sport, Music and Drama Flexible spaces for exhibitions, meetings and performances

It is a very exciting time and we value all support in helping to bring our ambitious plans for The Hall to fruition. If you would like to learn more or feel you could contribute to the Space to Soar fundraising, please contact

If you would like to support our Development projects please contact or download a donation form.


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