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Sustainability Strategy Group

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The Sustainability Strategy focuses upon the work of the school’s Eco Commmitee and our Green Flag status as an eco-school, to ensure that the school is ultimately more sustainable through the development of key strategic initiatives across all aspects of school life and functioning. A Sustainability Strategy Group has been established, with responsibility for ensuring that the school is on a carbon reduction pathway in the medium term.

The Strategy Group consists of staff from across all sections of the school, both teaching and support staff. Student participation is important too and members of the Eco Committee have an active voice within the Strategy Group discussions and decision-making. 

Key Areas

  • To harness and support the work of the Eco Committee.
  • To be part of the process of ensuring that the Green Flag status is retained.
  • To review and monitor the current status of sustainability in the school with a focus on physical buildings and facilities, energy consumption, waste, and transport.
  • To develop plans for ongoing improvement and future development of the school’s physical buildings and facilities, energy consumption, waste, and transport and to continue to introduce more sustainable and energy-efficient processes and measures.
  • To research and be aware of initiatives in other schools and organisations as well as on a national level.
  • To develop targets for carbon reduction.


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