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Since July 2023 we have been seeing the transformation of the senior school facilities through a planned programme of development. This has encompassed not only the total refit and refurbishment of the existing senior school buildings but most excitingly, the construction of three new classrooms with spacious breakout areas on top of the Wathen Hall, as well as a new Science Lab as part of the same complex. Investment has been in the region of £8M with sources of funding coming from a combination of accumulated reserves and surplus, loan financing and fundraising. We are delighted that the fundraising appeal has raised more than £3M and now we find ourselves at the point of launching the public campaign.

“It is my pleasure to thank all those who have enabled the SSDP fundraising campaign to achieve so much! I would like to invite everyone in The Hall community to join in during the ‘final push’. To achieve this and to celebrate the wonderful contribution of Chris and Sue Godwin over the last 11 years, the Governors have launched The Godwin Fund.

The Godwin Fund amounts to the public phase of our appeal; as we see the construction phase of the SSDP come to its end over the next few weeks, we would like to bring the possibility of participating in the fundraising to a wider circle of the school community who have told us they want to contribute to the future of the school. We hope that parents, former parents and alumni may consider making a contribution to The Godwin Fund, a fund that will be unrestricted and allocated by the Trustees of The Hall School Endowment Fund where they deem the school needs it most, whether on further physical development or towards the school’s Bursary programme.

Every contributor at whatever level will be recognised on our campaign wall in the wonderfully refurbished Wathen Hall. This is timely as not only is it exactly 100 years since Wathen began his 30-year transformational tenure as Head, but The Hall reaches the grand old age of 135 years this summer!”

Anthony Fobel, Chair of Governors

To contribute to The Godwin Fund, please click the button below to visit our secure online giving facility.

The Hall School Endowment Fund is a Registered Charity (No 312722-1) and gifts made to The Godwin Fund are eligible for Gift Aid. Please complete the Gift Aid Declaration if you are able.


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