The Hall Habits for Learning

Through introducing the learning power framework, we wish to support our pupils in becoming increasingly self-aware as learners, in order that they continue to develop the habits of a successful learner as well as appreciating that it is possible to continually improve those habits. The ultimate goal is for our pupils to have what might be described as portable learning power – in other words, the ability to learn in whatever circumstances they may find themselves.

Dynamic, energetic learners have a commitment to growing and changing as a learner. They are critically curious, asking questions to get beneath the surface knowledge. They make meaning by linking information across subjects and life contexts. They are creative and imaginative in their learning, resilient when faced with setbacks and strategically aware of their own learning processes. Further, dynamic learners are able to learn from and with other people in a range of learning relationships. They recognise learning whenever and wherever it occurs throughout life and make the most of learning opportunities.

A successful learner will display the qualities and characteristics featured in the nine Hall Habits outlined below.

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