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A Green Transport Day Calendar was established, with dates for Clean Air Day, Walk to School in Trainers Days and Happy Shoes Day, for example, all encouraging families to use greener methods of transport to commute to school. The introduction of a Mufti Day competition to encourage boys to consider alternative, cleaner means of travel worked wonders in promoting travel by foot, bike and scooter! As did the offer of pedometers from Camden in promoting Step Counting week and Park and Stride initiatives.

Two Silent Protests were held over several months, the aims of which were to raise awareness of the issues the school faces in relation to traffic, congestion and pollution at the start and end of the school day. In Science Year 7 boys learned about the impact of fossil fuels and investigated alternative sources of energy and Science Club delivered some sessions on air pollution and used the Friend of the Earth clean air schools pack to monitor levels of pollution around the school. In the school’s silent protest demonstrations (which were occasionally not so ‘silent’ !), the protesting boys held high their banners indicating to drivers important messages about the damage that fumes cause to the environment and health.  

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‘Step Counting Week’ was introduced where all pupils across the school were asked to count their steps each day for one week. The school bought pedometers with money from TFL and boys were sponsored to raise money for an Eco-charity, the Walkit challenge whilst finding a greener way of travelling to school and to becoming healthier. 

The school has had a School Travel Plan since 2008 and last year we were delighted to achieve a Bronze Award from TfL for our plan last year. With support from our parents, we have achieved a 28% reduction in the number of pupils being driven to school since 2007. The compares to an average 6% reduction in other schools across London.

Parking in the vicinity of the school is extremely difficult. The Hall is in a residents’ parking zone and there are frequently very few free spaces. It is therefore important that parents consider by what means, other than a car, you will transport your sons to and from school. As a school, we urge you to use public transport for older boys and, best of all if you can possibly can, by walking your sons to and from school.

If you do have to drive please try to car share and adhere to the” unofficial one-way system” down Crossfield Road from Lancaster Grove/Adamson Road to Eton Avenue to help us to reduce congestion and make the area around the school safer to walk, scoot and cycle in. We are dedicated to setting up a Green Zone around our School. A Green Zone is an area around the school where we can have a positive impact on the environment and reduce emissions. To improve the quality of air in and around our School, PLEASE do not park on Crossfield Road near the school and please do not leave your engines running.

There are more details of how you can support our School in the travel plan.


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