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Triathlon Team

Undeterred by a global pandemic, The Hall Triathlon Team were back! The team undertook its annual challenge to complete a sprint triathlon at Blenheim Palace on 13 September 2020. The long-awaited race (postponed from late May due to Coronavirus) was a huge personal challenge for each and every member of the team – for first-timers and old-timers alike. This year 21 people competed in order to raise more than £65k for JDRF, the leading UK charity that funds research to treat, prevent and cure Type 1 Diabetes.


One important side-effect of training for the triathlon throughout lockdown was the mental health benefit experienced by members of the team. As we head through the winter months, we really want to bring this benefit to the community’s attention and encourage people to join in the run training.  

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The group will be limited to 5 people plus a coach and will meet in the open air on Hampstead Heath each week for some (socially distanced) dynamic stretching, a mix of running and walking, building up to a 5k continuous run before Christmas.  If there is demand we are hoping we may be able to offer one weekday group and one Saturday morning group and perhaps a Dads’ group.  We are really excited as we think this will make the prospect of joining the team and starting to partake in regular exercise less daunting and more inclusive.   


Each year the Hall Tri Team comes together in the early days of the academic year, to decide upon a new charity to support and to encourage each other to start training and preparing for the event.  The beautiful surroundings of Blenheim Palace have proven the perfect setting for a triathlon. Members of the Team train hard over the winter, in groups and individually, in preparation for the Sunday triathlon.  The event is the culmination of that training and preparation – those cold winter runs and cycles, those icy dips in the Hampstead ponds will come to make sense!

Since 2015, more than 100 have joined us for their first triathlon and have raised more than £200,000 for various charities.
Do come and join us next year. It’s great fun, it’s a great way to meet people and it raises loads of money for good causes.
Do contact for more details.


23 Crossfield Road, London NW3 4NU
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