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Triathlon Team

Congratulations to the Triathlon Team members for all successfully completing the Blenheim Palace Triathlon, Sunday 4th June, 2023

Once again, we were delighted that so many new starters joined the Tri Team last June as we fundraised over £28,000 for Unitas Youth Zone in Barnet.

Unitas Youth Zone in Barnet

Unitas is a charity and a purpose built youth club based in Barnet that supports young people with three things they deserve and need: somewhere to go, something to do and someone to talk to. ALL young people deserve access to the best resources, facilities and opportunities so they can reach their highest potential. Barnet is on our doorstep and yet over one third of its young people live in poverty. Unitas is an investment in youth, demonstrating its belief that they deserve the best, as well as being an investment in the future of Barnet itself. Opened in 2019, Unitas rapidly became an essential social hub for over 6500 members. In a letter of thanks to the Hall community, Robin Moss, Unitas Chief Executive says:-

“Thank you for your fantastic efforts! You have raised an incredible £28,377 to support Unitas’ work with young people. We cannot thank you enough for this; it truly will make an enormous difference to the thousands of young people – hundreds every day – who use Unitas’ facilities. In particular, your support has greatly enhanced our provision in the Fitness Gym and in Boxing.

In 2022, we had 4,063 visits to the gym from 1,205 individual young people. I am pleased to report that in 2023 to the end of September, we had already recorded 4,478 visits from 1,808 individual young people – hence we are on track to reach our target of 6,000 visits from 2,000 young people for the whole of 2023, which was an ambitious goal of increasing the reach by 66% in just one year.

Our provision in the gym this year has gone from strength to strength. We are now able to staff it with two youth workers (who are also qualified personal trainers) on most evenings, which substantially improves the personalisation we are able to offer to young people when they come into the gym. A major new initiative has been to introduce regular gym challenge – bite-sized fitness tasks where young people can compete both against each other and (perhaps more importantly) against themselves, so they can see progress. We had piloted a few of these in 2022 but they have really taken off in 2023. We have also invested in some new equipment this year, including a StairMaster and Active Hands (specialist equipment that allows disabled young people to safely use a wide range of the gym equipment). We have seen a noticeable rise in young people with additional needs using the gym, including several young people in wheelchairs. Female engagement in the gym, both in absolute numbers and in percentage terms, has also gone up.

The most exciting development in the boxing space has been the formal incorporation of Unitas Amateur Boxing Club (Unitas ABC), a club registered with England Boxing. This allows us, in addition to the universal, open-access provision that we already offered, to substantially expand the width and breadth of boxing at Unitas. We have invested in better equipment, including two new double end bags and Unitas ABC merchandise for young people so they can proudly wear our logo. We have also created a fund to help those who demonstrate commitment to Unitas ABC free level one coaching training, meaning that they can get paid work either at Unitas or at other clubs.

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The Hall School Triathlon Team is an ever changing and truly inspiring group of mums, dads, teachers, nannies and friends who come together in June each year at Blenheim Palace to compete in a sprint distance triathlon for a carefully chosen charity. Each year within the team there are returners – triathlon veterans for whom racing to raise money for a cause is an annual fixture. But the majority of the team comprises absolute beginners – not just first time triathletes, but novice runners, those have taken up swimming for the first time since childhood and even those for who riding a bike is a newly-acquired skill. Fitness and confidence are gained in equal measure within a supportive environment that has seen members of the Tri Team training hard over the year, in groups and individually, in preparation for the annual triathlon.  The event is the culmination of that training and preparation – those cold winter runs and cycles, those icy dips in the Hampstead ponds and the pounding around the streets of Belsize will come to make sense! Each year the Tour de Godwin cyclists join in the fundraising, by riding from the school to Blenheim, a distance of around 110km.

The Hall has entered a triathlon team at Blenheim for the last 10 years and the beautiful surroundings of Blenheim Palace have proven the perfect setting. The competition is a huge personal challenge for each and every member of the team – for first-timers and old-timers alike; but over the years, over 100 women have completed their first triathlon and hundreds of thousands of pounds have been raised for various charities, including:-

  • to provide mental health and wellbeing support to children affected by epilepsy under the care of our local University College London Hospital
  • to fund Apart of Me, a pioneering charity which supports children who have suffered bereavement
  • to help Coram’s Fields, a six acre green site for children in Bloomsbury & its resident children’s & family counsellors
  • to support Cure EB‘s research into treatments and ultimately a cure for Epidermolysis Bullosa, a progressive, debilitating and very painful genetic skin condition which causes internal and external blisters at the slightest friction. 

Since 2015, more than 130 have joined us for their first triathlon and have raised more than £500,000 for various charities.
Do come and join us. It’s great fun, it’s a great way to meet people and it raises loads of money for good causes.
Do contact for more details.


23 Crossfield Road, London NW3 4NU
Office: 020 7722 1700


54 Eton Ave, London NW3 3HN
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69 Belsize Park, London NW3 4EH
Office: 020 7722 5456
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