The quality of relationships is vital in shaping our life together as a learning community at The Hall, empowering boys to flourish both within school and beyond. These relationships are built upon a core set of values at the heart of all that we do, creating a dynamic and caring environment. We believe that five fundamental values of endeavour, courage, community, humility and self-discipline provide the base on which a Hall School education has always been built and will continue to underpin our lives together.

We would hope that all members of our community, boys, staff and parents identify with, embody and model these values. As staff and parents we will teach, encourage and expect boys to behave according to these values.

Endeavour; we will participate and build resilience through endeavour

Courage; we will have a go and develop risk-taking, curiosity, creativity and originality by being courageous

Community; we will demonstrate equality and diversity, teamwork, citizenship and our place in the wider world through community

Humility; we will develop compassion, gratitude and kindness through humility

Self-Discipline; we will develop independence, organisation, reflection, responsibility, precision and respect through self-discipline

SS 2019 Key Values 2