The quality of relationships is vital in shaping our life together as a learning community at The Hall, empowering boys to flourish both within school and beyond. These relationships are built upon a core set of values at the heart of all that we do, creating a dynamic and caring environment. We believe that six fundamental values of integrity, confidence, responsibility, endeavour, curiosity and originality provide the base on which a Hall School education has always been built and will continue to underpin our lives together.

We would hope that all members of our community, boys, staff and parents identify with, embody and model these values. As staff and parents we will teach, encourage and expect boys to behave according to these values.

The highest standards of honesty are crucial in developing trust between people within our community. Understanding that it takes time to develop a set of personal moral views, our school practices aim to endorse in the boys a sense of what is right, fair and reasonable while developing respect for the opinions of others in the wider world as well as within the school community. We encourage boys to display self-honesty and be reflective in their approach while rejecting the notion of ‘the bare minimum’.

The Hall community is one where every boy has the opportunity to be himself, to ‘put down roots’ and to nourish the seeds of disposition and character he finds within himself. Everyone in the school has a role in nurturing each boy’s individuality, helping him to realise his talents, encouraging him to participate, to be tolerant of others and to develop appropriate self esteem.

True learning only comes about through taking responsibility for one’s own thinking, behaviour and action, respecting the rights of others to enjoy positive interactions and experiences. Every individual has a role in making the school an affirming and happy community, caring for others, supporting them in their endeavours and showing sensitivity to the needs and dignity of others.

We aim to inspire in our boys their own ambition to experience, to thrive, to succeed and, in due course, to contribute. ‘Success’ can be measured in a variety of ways; we encourage our boys to strive for achievement on a range of levels, to give of their best in all things, in the classroom and beyond. Often this comes through aspiring to succeed for the sake of the community as a whole, rather than just for personal fulfilment.

We encourage boys to develop a genuine curiosity about the world, to ask questions, to ‘have a go’, to explore and experiment. We support their broadening of knowledge, intellect and skills; we encourage engagement in a wide variety of school events and aim to raise awareness of the wider world beyond the school.

We value inventiveness and individuality, encouraging boys to have confidence in developing their own unique style in their learning and to think ‘laterally’ in tackling problems.


The Hall-Key-Values