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Year 1 – Year 3

Boy With Global

The boys transition from the EYFS with great fluidity.  A thorough handover between Reception and Year 1 teachers ensures a working understanding of the individual progress of each boy. 

Learning across curriculum areas in Year 1 to 3 is linked through the use of core texts within given topics.  The chosen texts help demonstrate the key role literature can play across the curriculum and supports the boys’ progress as readers.  We understand that this is fundamental in engaging the boys to enjoy reading and become motivated independent readers.

We encourage boys to question, problem-solve and be creative, core skills that are vital in developing resilience and independence. Opportunities to work in pairs and in groups are also offered frequently so that the boys learn the benefits of teamwork.

Our vibrant curriculum is further enriched with educational visits each term that help bring the boys’ learning to life and give greater context to what has been covered. In addition, we regularly welcome workshops, parents and members of the local community into the school.


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